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This is a story that mixes together MLP, EQG, Law of Ueki, and the TV show Heroes Read More
Avengers: Infinity War Initial release: April 23, 2018 (Los Angeles) Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Box office: $1.607 billion Budget: 316 million USD Read More
I will be posting this story on another site. The five of us were summoned to this world from our clubroom a year ago to be made as heroes. Shouldn't forceful summoning like that be counted as kidnapping? Well, we chose to go with the heroes route. After harsh training… Read More
A tyrant has usurped the throne. A king's brother has fled from the throne. And now, everyone is dead under the throne. A child now reaches the throne. His goal: vengeance. A hero. A villain. A land made of flowers. And a land made of thorns. Read More
Roxanne Driscoll is quite a nosy employee. Upon overhearing bad things, she steps in to stop them. One day, Roxanne takes things way too far. Read More
Every day police go out and risk their lives for the safety of others, this is a poem from the mind of a future member of the blue line. Read More
A hero and his arch nemesis. They meet at a local Walmat and a hero battle ensues. Read More
slowly forgotten outcast, whether it be school, home, or even just the world. grayson brink fits the description. all his life not knowing where he's come from, who his parents even are, all he knows is he's not wanted. but, little does he know that he's about to be… Read More
Two men fight to save the world, one man has to sacrafice... Read More
This is a short story that I really enjoyed making and I hope you guys enjoy it too! The first part of this story might be a bit boring but the late story is really good, personally. But that's just my opinion, so feel free to leave yours in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this years ago as the ending to a novel. I don't normally do the end first, most times I'm not even sure how a story will end until I reach the end, but this came to me so I put it down and never got around to writing… Read More
Tyrannosaur leader of the Reptilian race, a nation of reptile like creatures who seek nothing more than to conquer lands and enslave it's occupants. After a mysterious vanishings of people start to occur. A team of unlikely Heroes are drawn out. Each targeted by the Reptilians and Hired Villains they… Read More

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God instructed me to create poetry from heroes in the Bible. Read More
The full version (and hopefully final) of the script of a story I made. Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 03, 2017

what is a hero? Read More

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Being raised in the streets wasn't an easy up bringing for Carlos. Growing up doing all the wrong doings Carlos has crossed over to the good side and is trying to live a life of justice by trying to repent for his mistakes as well as covering up his dark… Read More
Tribute to our heroes who render their lives for the sake of this motherland.. Read More

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I am empty. I see people like you everyday; The fulfilled. I have been dead for a very long time: my body is just catching up. And, it will start again, and again, and again, and again. There is a curse in the blood. It's the cruelest curse of all;… Read More
A poem that serves as a tribute to all of the heroes in the past whose wondrous deeds are long forgotten. Read More
If you had heard of Heroes and Villains before this, that was an old copy. This is going to be my version of a more detailed version. So, this is going to be better version. Get ready for Snow White and the Evil Queen to have at it again. Read More
Smallville replay, kidding almost.Its about three brothers who are superhuman and land on earth lost. And then separated from each other tend to find one another. With a war of chaos of supers and villains in their way. Also maybe some love too. Read More
"If only the sunrise would actually bring hope like legends said they would, but of course, that's nothing but mere wishful thinking" Cecil was the kind of person that wouldn't trust people as much as others did...not until his parents were killed, alongside millions of people both young and old… Read More
Hey guys Its The Areo and today well be making a NEW super villain series CALLED, well read the title if u wanna know, anyway JUST READ THIS ON GOING SERIES =) >=0 =) anyway Thus series will have TH3 most EVILEST VILLAINS TEAMING UP FOR VICTORY. Read More

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The Review Chain House

Wren has been kept in a prison-like house for years. When she sees a chance to escape, she takes it, and ends up being chosen for a post as one of the guardians of her world. Can Wren live up to the expectations placed on her and friend, Elias? Read More
In 2003 MTV debuted a TV show about Spiderman. It followed the success of the films but it was criminally underrated and was overshadowed of the older Spider-man cartoon. The show was perfect since it had some dark tone with murder,blood and sex being some of the things showed. Unfortunately… Read More
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