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A girl who lost everything, only stands to gain the world. Alissa got shipped off to a boarding school when she lost her mother. Her only promise is to herself. To not use the powers she's had since she was a child. But when she finds out she isn't the… Read More
Allison Parker is not your average teenager in the 1830's. Her father was the last known survivor of the Alamo. He beat the odds and became the only survivor of the Alamo and for that Allison was nicknamed Alamo. When an old enemy comes to town and her father is… Read More
This is the official begining to Ryan's Recon Series. Full of action, adventure, and much more! Ryan is only a baby when his mother dies. She was murdered, and Ryan was only at the age of two. Ryan was adopted by his aunt, who raised him all his life until… Read More

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Oh those heroes... Read More

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Book / Fantasy

February 22, 2010

'they're are times where good is evil and evil is good because despite myths and legends the heroes could easily be swayed into corruption and the villians who are very capable of evil can sometimes be good'.read on if your interested at all :D Read More
It's sort of like fan fiction but not really. It's a spec script. Still, I don't own any of the rights. This picks up where Heroes left off. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 31, 2010

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I wrote this about my husband who is a Paramedic, a cop, was in the Navy and Army reserves. He helped out at Ground Zero and during Hurricane Katrina. Read More
Think of a Heroes + Star Trek crossover just with original places, characters and events or at least as original as it gets. Working on a summary + still working on a title. Read More
The time has come for new heroes to step up in Airosfield; Josh and Terry. Airosfield has become angry with its heroes and decides to punsih them with fire...hellfire. Can Josh and Terry defeat something bigger the both of them? Can the save Airosfield and stop the fire? Read and… Read More
A sureal adventure into a hardboiled world of pulp style adventure with diabolical scientists, Evil aliens and gritty superheroes. Read More
A short poem for my father. Read More

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Book / Science Fiction

November 07, 2009

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Something old...really old. Read. :p Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 24, 2009

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What is wrong with hwo we treat our veterens... Read More
This book was written by: Ryan *This is not the first...or the last chapter of the book!* Ryan is trying to break into Sector 13 (the base, and group for evil heroes or villains). He is trying to defeat them once and for all, because he knows that if he… Read More

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Devin and Jessica Walker just realized their importance in the world. Their parents are showing them what to do and how to do it. They don't realize that danger lurks in every corner as horrible people with special powers threaten the lives of everyone else who is a hero. Together,… Read More
An evil is brewing in the land of Ultaria. There are only a handful of powerful warriors to bring the darkness down. But will the word reach them before it is to late? Read More
Join Tseto and his friends in his search for the Pandemonium Shards and vengence. Read More
Vanessa's mum narrates a story about two lovers, who are forbidden to meet because of the social classes. But they only wanted hapiness, so they soon found a way to escape from the chains that were holding them away from each other... Read More
Read. :) www.savannahsabsolution.weebly.com Read More
Read and found out. You just may like it. :) ((I have no idea how to summarize it.)) Read More
I'm not quite sure but bare with me...something will be up soon. But read!! You just may find something you like. It's epic science-fiction, with drama, battles, love and so much more. Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 29, 2009

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Poem Read More

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More on Mendo and her crew. We learn more about Nova. And the battle on Damon where Ren VS James. Read More
I decided to write my own little homage to Dungeons and Dragons. Set in the Aftermath of the SpellPlague, some one hundred years later, in 1479 DR(DaleReckoning) or 1479 Years after the foundation of the Dalelands. Here now is the story of Seven Heroes, all from across the face of… Read More
A housecat and a bagel, combined to make BagelCat savior of the world!!!!! Read More
Aken gets pissed. Troy is Back! Ren finds his inner Demon. Read More
Beings from an unknown planet help restore peace in a crime-infested city. Read More
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