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How Karn came into possession of the crystal glaive. READER REVIEW: It's stories like this that fuel my love for fantasy, and I have to agree with everyone else in the comments that your style of writing is captivating. ~ Allen Scott Read More

Featured Review by Skinny Coutreux

"Holy cow! That was amazing! The description in this was magnificent! Oh my gosh! Now I'm wondering if me typing this is a dream. Phenomenal work..." Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 23, 2017

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The Poems House

Just a thought Read More

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When a country known as The United States was ruined by war, the city of Pearlwater Shores rose from the ashes. Born into a respected and wealthy family, 17-year-old Callie Hudson knows exactly what’s in store for her. Once she turns 18, her life would finally be safe as… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

September 15, 2016

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A private investigator with clients both dead and alive must travel beyond the veil, to the kingdom of Tenebra. A fierce dragon by the name of Solun terrorizes a small village, and only Gail Grace can rally the courage of the warriors to fight against it. Read More

Short Story / Other

February 11, 2016

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Weighty Ralph Doomas, lost and disoriented in Death Valley, stumbles upon Al Arnold, who is on his 144 mile run from Badwater to the top of Mount Whitney. They meet, almost collide, and then . . . Read More

Short Story / Romance

January 09, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is about a boy rescuing a beautiful girl from the hands of a group of rascals who wanted to rape the girl. The girl thanked the boy by kissing him on the cheeks. There will be a sequel after this short exposition, but it is finished for now. Read More

Tags: love, teen, fight, young, heroic

Nothing spectacular ever happened in my life, the agony yes, but not the euphoria. Until she came into my pathetic life, uninvited, just stumbled into my life. I almost felt sorry for her. Somehow, my path and her path crossed and I did not know if from there on we… Read More
The short recounting of the final events of The Men of Govel. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This script is based on a teenage girl who was taken at 3 years old by a mentally ill woman who's daughter was a still born just a few days before she was born, the woman watched her since she left the hospital. She believed she was her daughter, and… Read More
Battling against hypocrisies, sadomasochism and perfunctory pursuits of pop benchmarks of successes, he refuses the passion-oriented male worldview of karma and life’s purposes. Metamorphosed by compassion, that love’s innocence fills him with, he opts for a journey that takes him far away from the stupidity of self-worth, calculated in terms… Read More
Nick and Zara are a teen couple that live in the small town of Clover in Ohio. Nick has been there for Zara nearly three years. He’s been there to help after she's been to hell and back when she was raped and abandoned by her mother. When Zara's dad… Read More
it's a battle scene from a book i'm writing. i want to know jow i can make it better Read More
What happens when your knight in shinning armor is captured? Worst, he was on his way to save you! Princess Moon Beam was about to find out. As her hero, the heroic Sir Lance Spear, was on his way to rescue her from vikings, he is quickly snatched up by… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 11, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Story about Arth and his three companions. Tomb robbers, and trained fighters. They have a simple, enjoyable, and adventure filled life. This is about to end... Read More
story of a young man who learns how to control his power and begins his journey. Read More
A fictional account of a U.S. Marine in a wartime event who should earn a Congressional Medal of Honor Read More
Unbelievably awesome story, a must read for everyone, everywhere. Let me know if you're hungry for more of such epicosity. Read More
War veteran Jarlin is finally headed home. The terrible Witch Wars have ended. But while the peoples of the Allfather and the Great Mother had been fighting each other, darker forces had entered the grassland nation of Rastrygg. The World of Witagg first appeared in a short story entitled "His… Read More

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All this big talk- what's the underlying message? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Had Rune not been digging for dragon eggs on the shore that day, perhaps his father would still be alive and New Athens saved. Perhaps he would have never become a lover of a queen or an adversary to a god... Fifteen-year old Rune Greyhawk was born a prince, but… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 25, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this about my boyfriend saving me from my self-mutilation past. He hated what I would do to myself, and took my safety pins and blades from me one day and I've been clean ever since. I still get those pains from time to time, but he keeps me… Read More

Tags: love, happy, sad, safe, heroic

Six kids -- Nishana, Jessica, Alison, Zachary, Connor, and Ryan -- are living alone in a place that they call 'The Quarters'. Their parents died when they were very young, leaving them to fend for themselves. But these kids aren't your ordinary orphans -- not by far. What makes them… Read More
This is an original short story from my fantasy world, "The Light of Epertase." Read More
It was about a 2 prince that were fighting over a princess. Read More

Poem / Memoir

October 10, 2009

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This is a poem I wrote for National Poetry day in school...and it's about my hero!!(Keep on guessing!!) Please comment and let me know what you think...=] Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 18, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

My tribute to the Serbs that died in the battle at ???a? (A place in Serbia)... read on... Read More
This is just the beginning of hopefully a series of stories I'll be submitting. It follows Jack Bethseda's story through grim streets and dark alleys to find his ex's killer. Written in the first person, you'll have insight to Jack's thoughts, fears, and life. Read More
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