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ash terra figures out she is in the middle of a war that is bigger than her, and the fate of the entire earth rests upon her shoulders. will terra turn to the evil, dark side with which her mother and father beckon her to join, or to the good… Read More
Sometimes we lose sight of what the dreams we hold onto...people laughing at us and telling us what we cannot do. But when opportunity invites us in even though we might be scared at first and there will be people who laugh at us...answer her because the places she takes… Read More
An Emperor, A Son, A brother, and betrayal Dece is a humble boy introduced to a vast world of conflict and suffering. After years of unjust treatment by imperial soldier's and the suicide of his mother due to the imperials mistreatment of her, Dece develops a burning hatred of the… Read More
A prince has a birthday and is presented an item that could change his life. Will he accept the power that resides in him? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Told in two perspectives: Bran Estrangelo is your typical jock, captain of the basketball team, starting center on varsity, king of the school, totally gorgeous, and totally marked off limits by the "Queen Bee" (aka her royal bitchness), Edessa Valentino. But this isn't the life Bran wants. He's smart and… Read More
this is for my new story after mated forever, they are connected, you will see the people from the books before in the halfling's fate and mated forever. Just thought this would help people understand the wolf pack more thanks... Read More
A piece about the illogical supreme position of some, but not others Read More
They are nobodies. Weird kids. They resort to gothic cults, less popular groups, druggies, wallflowers, or suicides. Read More
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