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A short story for day eleven"s prompt. I didn't choose prompts over the weekend because I was too busy. If nothing else it gave anyone following along a chance to catch up. Sorry if it feels like I stopped in the middle of the story. This prompt needs much more… Read More
Swept up by the excitement of a crowd, a young woman finds herself in a line before an ornate building. Curiosity demands she find out why so many wait. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a book with collection of short stories settled in a fictional world on which I am currently working on. The setting is built with the fragments of ideas I have and is bit vague, which caused me to convert it into a short story book instead of a… Read More
Amari's world is about to collide with the one he left behind. His son, Georgia, has no idea of his true lineage. Now Amari's father, a nigh-immortal Fairy King, life nears its ends and wants his grandson to inherit the throne. Amari must face the repercussion for the choices… Read More
A thirty chapter book in which it follows a group of elite knights as they are labeled traitors and sentenced to public execution, should they appear in any town. Read More
My story is about a group of young men searching for a fountain. I derived inspiration for my story from other writers such as George R R Martin and James S A Corey. This is only the first chapter of my story, and I would still like to revise… Read More
when the eye of alytiria is disturbed, the fate of the tumultuous four realms is in dire straits. Read More

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The Writers Rift House

In the state of Annuwa on a planet similar to our own a war has been raging for centuries between the Falkmoran and Annuwan races the history of which is unknown to all in the land, a young gil and her "Owner" attempt to survive this war filled land, to… Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 02, 2017

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The Stories of the Sunworld House

Listen to the Story of the Sunworld, Sing Your Dreams, SINS Inc. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adventurers. The legendary individuals who transcend their own limits by searching for the ancient treasures forgotten by even time itself, exploring every quarter and cent of the vast world of Atlas! Do you enjoy the thrill of dangerous quests while fighting fearsome monsters? Or maybe you just love when adrenaline… Read More
why tell someone everything you know when you can simply keep the best secrets to yourself? a simple tale of consistent confusion is all we have here. Read More
It's been a long time, Booksie. So long I actually forgot I had a Booksie account. BTW I'm not finishing Blue Ridge (sorry if you liked it) I've been kicking this idea around and really need someone to kick me too - otherwise it'll never get done. So just yap… Read More
In the eleventh chapter of the Darkness Ascending, the company travels to the Death Swamps, where darkness awaits them and a trap has yet to be sprung... Read More
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