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Between Reality; G.Y Influence, is an educational and informational novella on the modern-day challenges affecting teenagers and high school students. The challenges cover the areas of schooling activities and out-of-school life skills. These two sets of Lifecyle in teenagers lives can enable a learner navigate through life easily and conscientiously… Read More
Guilt from cheating on an ethics exam leads to college penance for a former student and the chance to rescue high school dropouts. Read More
My body is wired to follow a simple program, run, hide, fight. Poem is about school shootings, please take care of yourself and do not read if material would be triggering. Read More
not a serious commentary, just a thought experiment that i let pan out Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 04, 2023

written about my strained relationship w my dad, a guy who refused to mask up during the heat of the pandemic around my severely immunocompromised friend, and two guys who SAed me Read More
It's the final year of Jumpei Hiramoto's high school life and he hasn't gotten laid yet. But when a new student called Mitsuki joins his class he has to get his act together while also trying to battle his horniness and her older sister, while trying to get to his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Always the new girl, Theresa Beatrice Delaware can never seem to find her groove. That all changes, though, when she meets Dominick Gryphon. At first glance, Tess - an honors student with perfect attendance - and Dom - a carefree, do-whatever-he-wants musician - appear to be complete opposites, but they… Read More
anastasia castle, in the eyes of her parents is the perfect daughter with good grades and daddy's good looks but in her own eyes, she's the foundation of unpopularity because the only thing she's good at is solving mathematical problems and being the best in everything. how she managed to… Read More
Sheila was a very much loved and popular counsellor back at Gladstone, Secondary, School in Vancouver, Canada during the 80's. I was blessed to have Sheila as a part of my high school life and who was there for me during challenging times. This true story details the special friendship… Read More
Excerpts of diary entries are from the original diary I had kept back in the 1980s while I was in high school. Each entry will describe the adjustments and teen angst in trying to fit into high school life which is difficult if one has a learning disability. My diary… Read More
This is a series of short stories and thoughts about my experience with my anxiety, all these stories are true, and are about my experiences. I am sharing these personal stories as a way to make a difference in the world, help the stigmatization, and to help others understand the… Read More

Book / Romance

January 20, 2023

dept a high school girl, meeting the man of her life in every stage she passes in life, sweet, bitter, sour, "why he is always in everything?" Read More
Stormi Vane is an average teenager who likes to spend time with her friends and family, jogs around town and loves animals, especially her dog, Hunter. who protects her and follows her every where she goes. Life is pretty normal for Stormi until she discovers multiple family secrets. Read More
Isadora and Bryan have been best friends for a few years now. she said while being concerned Bryan: It’s your friend Esme. isadora touched her nose it was bleeding, without any see Bryan picked her up in bridal style. Bryan: don’t say that you have never troubled me that is… Read More
Sandy and Jessa have been best friends for as long as they knew what best friends were. Ten years later, they were set to graduated High School in a month, when Sandy reveals a shocking revelation: She's giving herself a month to accomplish every she wants to in life, before… Read More
Alice jones age 15 finds herself in the most deadly situation ever. She falls in love but will that lead her to her greatest doom? Read to find out Read More
Sergeant is a true, first-person account of a brief exchange between an army sergeant about to return to serve in the Viet Nam war and a young student in the military school to which the sergeant has been temorarily assigned. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"It's okay, you're okay, everything's okay" Bindi loves to write. It's the only way to get the mess of thoughts out of her head. Starting her freshman year of high school would be hard enough without the pain of anxiety and no mother to help deal with it. Luckily Bindi… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A 30 year old scientist Mason green has been working endlessly for years to defy the laws of magic and time traveling. According to his successful built time globe He decides to pull everyone into the past he claims to care about and loathes to the change the verdict of… Read More
|7X FEATURED AND SPOLIGHT STORY| Saddened by her lonely life, a little girl named Victoria Christie uses her inventive imagination to write stories. Now that she's an older individual, she must find a way to share her tale with the world. *** Victoria Christie never expected to be a writer,… Read More
A stressed-out guidance counselor experiences an alternate reality. Read More
What starts as an innocent senior prank gets out of hand when three small pigs are kidnapped to spend the night in a high school. Read More
in which a girl is picked on, and a stranger gets pissed. Read More

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Book / Romance

March 23, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is about two high school students that falls deeply in love with each other . Read More
"Swimmers" is a short story about an accomplished high school swimmer named Jessica who surprises and confuses herself when she becomes entangled with her coach. Feedback always welcome :) Read More
The only thing on Nora Cruz's mind is getting through her senior year but the new kid, Wesley Kenneth, wants to befriend her and more importantly, stand up for her. Which is a problem for Nora because she doesn't like the attention and she doesn't speak to anyone. She's selectively… Read More

Book / Literary Fiction

January 06, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Charlie doesn’t have a care in the world. But when bad news comes, he manages to make the worst of a bad situation. Follow Charlie and his comrades in this pathetic but dank adventure. Read More

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"This is such a realistic/relatable chapter! I really like how sweet the breakfast scene was - it really captured that comfy, no-place-like-home ..." Read More

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