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(I'm trying out a new writing style, so bear with me. If you're into very descriptive writing, almost poetic, then please enjoy.) The title says it all. Read More
Violet is running from her haunting past. she lands back in Florida, her childhood state and nothing much had changed. Back in school and ready to move on, she meets the school's bad boy, Nickolas Hunter. However, he realizes something that she doesn't. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Harold liked his trophies. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When sophy,the daughter of the wealthiest man in the country falls for her new class teacher..mystery begins to unfold as secrets from the past are revealed....thanks Read More
After Jacob and Celeste's friendship falls apart, something happens later in the future that changes the whole story. Read More

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February 01, 2019

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Jessica Rhoem. Basketball star, model student, likely to be ruling the world by 30, childhood friend? Paul has known Jessica since elementary school, they've had a simple relationship. Suddenly, Jessica wants more. Suddenly she quits the basketball team. Suddenly her grades don't matter. Suddenly she loves Paul? Paul is confused,… Read More
Teenager Karissa Killman goes down a path of murder and vengeance to avenge the death of her family. Read More
I believed that it was always the best to stick to my rulers. They were indicators for me to keep proper distances in between myself and the other to live out the school caste in peace. Everyone had a ruler of some sort, but Ivan did not. Read More

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December 29, 2018

For all of his life, Cole had been that kid who never seemed to be noticed, even though he felt as if he was screaming, that he was doing everything he could just to be seen, but of course, no matter how much effort he put in, it was as… Read More

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December 01, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

When Sadie Collins imagined her life it was average, boring, and blissfully normal. Like any girl her high school crush was the most amazing boy in school. But who would have thought that a mere crush could unveil the dark mysteries of the world? Never one to buy into the… Read More
Alison had always crushed on her best friend's sister from afar. However, what happens when Tiffany returns from college? Read More
Sand and sound are alike. You should cradle them gently, fingers wrapped around each other. Grip too tight, and you're bound to make a mess. Read More

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A response to a prompt posted on BoMoWriCha by Cheyjade. A short short piece of fiction. Demonic possession gone awry. Read More
It is spring quarter at Cedar Grove High School. After a stressful trimester with Ives, the school had a chance to breathe over a holiday break. The students are about to experience quite a few changes in Tiger Town after Hearst High School burned down. Sarah Miller is still getting… Read More
(WARNING: Beginning is somewhat slow) Davin Esparza moves for the 3rd time in his life, this time to a more forested area, Emersol City. His schoolmates and townsfolk seem alright, the forest too. What isn't so pleasant are the "things" that seem to always come out when he's alone. Monstrous… Read More
"Wh-who a-are yo-you? P-ple-please le-t m-me go-o." I was not able to see him because of the blindfold but I could feel his minty breath on my skin. My body was shivering and my heart started to beat twice its speed when his hands came in touch with my… Read More
A short story about a feeling most of us have been overcome by in our youth. Read More
Following Book 1, the main character Sarah Miller attends Cedar Grove High School. During the fall semester she had her ups and downs with different peers who had passion for their hobbies and niche. She found comfort in Emma. On the first day of Winter quarter is the is… Read More
Winifred Fields, child actor, returns to school after starring in a movie and TV show. However, she doesn't realize that her dream job has affected her personal life so much. Friendships, her family life, everything... it's all different. Winifred deals with the ups and downs of child stardom while… Read More
This is a story about a young girl named Sarah Miller who moves to a new high school her junior year. She goes through a series of drama, romance, and friendships. After all being a teenager isn't the most easiest thing in the world along with her dad's corny… Read More
Follow this high school student through their day at school and learn about some of their personal struggles along the way. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alex grabs my hand before I can leave, pulling me back towards him. His pupils are completely blown. I can feel the tendons stretched in his hand, the heat radiating from his body. “Just give me another chance.” he murmurs, tipping my head towards his. His eyes are ringed… Read More
An essay about a personal experience I wrote in Creative Writing at Isothermal Community College a few years ago. Read More
this is only the first paragraph but its is going to be a story about two young teenagers falling in love and it is based on a true story. Read More
They were the kids people wrote stories about, high school sweethearts of the most iconic sort. The absolute lowest on the social ladder coupled together with the pretty, popular girl anyone would be lucky to have. They didn't get a happy ending though, and five years later, they're forced… Read More
This is the first few chapters of a story I'm working on, I just now came up with the tittle, so it might change like, next week when I decide it's terrible. This is the first story I've ever shared with anyone, so please let me know what you… Read More
Mark thought he would never get a second chance. Thought he didn't realize everything he could have in his teen years. But an accident changed all that. Read More
Two high school students want nothing more than to have a good time by themselves. However, a certain bully has some odd bones to pick with them. Read More
Here is a collection of stories involving situations and conflict faced by teens and young adults. Read More
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