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A forgotten space station and its crew orbit the planets they are posted to protect. Then, out of nowhere, an old enemy resurfaces with a devastating attack. Now they are alone, with all the different tensions stretching them to the limits. Famine, insurrection, recession are mere apparatifs to the problem… Read More
Just an introduction and short extract from the middle of a trilogy I'm working on. Please comment on what you think. Criticism is welcome of course, valid criticism that is. Read More
The advertisement read "Get you headcap today, a sure high tech way to eliminate the work blues-guaranteed compliance levels up to maximum absolute without recollection". Set timer for "start time" usually before the long drive into work. Then preset for "advanced level" when work begins for sure results and auto… Read More

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December 24, 2008

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In the age of silicon When we circle the world standing still In the age of silicon When a sub-atomic particle can change the fait of mankind In the age of silicon When a mind fits on a wafer In the age of silicon When a thousand books fit in… Read More
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