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The story of a private war that has been waged for generations between two powerful families, each with very different ideas on what the future of society should look like. Can they maintain the proper perspective required to lead their people, or will they destroy themselves, and everyone else,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Donald McAllister a farmer in the Highlands of Scotland. On a cold Winter's night, Donald has a visit from a ghostly ancestor. Read More
Long ago, a Scottish man is suddenly free to find adventure, but he has an ex-wife to deal with. Read More
Dyed In The Green is the first novel in the first fictions series about Canadian National Parks. Read More
Saint Nicholas's life is in danger, at the hands of a group of marauding Scottish eight-year-olds. Murdo, the only one still on Saint Nick's side, is determined to save the right jolly old elf -- a task not made easier when the chieftain of the clan, a bishop, and sundry… Read More
Sloan Mackenzie, a recent college graduate from New Jersey, takes her first journey to Scotland in seventeen years. After some time with her relatives near Loch Lomond, she sets off on a journey through the Highlands. Along her travels, she runs in to some exciting adventures, as well as a… Read More
Summary: When the famed Banshee of Alba is taken captive by the McClain Laird will blood be seen dripping down the moors in the next moon or will a romantic conspiracy come to light? With blades drawn will this romantic prospect ever come into being? Read More

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July 14, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Lacey had given up on life and tries to end it. but when she wakes up after trying to commit suicide, she finds herself not only in a different country but also a different time. Will Lacey be able to get home, and will she want to? When Calan finds… Read More
It's a novel about life among the mythical creatures who haunt the Highlands of Scotland in Victorian times. The actual story is a quest to gain a Talisman. Read More
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