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Twenty-five years ago, a Human and a Shaper fell in love. Then the unthinkable happened and started a wedge that would drive them apart. Now, they are back in the same area and facing a danger that threatens their very lives while a bond that can't be broken attempts to… Read More
PG - For violence (CIA - FBI) What happens to Jack 7 years later? How does Kim face it? Does the gang ever get back together again? Read More
... Leveret Smith says goodbye to Woody... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Atalie Rose Mischar has always had the picture perfect life. A wealthy family, loving parents (who just happened to still be in love with each other), the oh - so adorable little sister that got on your every nerve but you just couldn’t stay mad at, and of course the… Read More
Be yourself. If you are destined to be a winner - win. If you are destined to be a loser - lose. Accept what you are. When you do this - life will be much more simple. Read More
paris hilton posh spice etal Read More
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