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*** If art's a crime, then crime could be a new form of art. If a crime feels like art and GOD is by your side - who's 2 blame? THE ART CRIMES: The revolution is NOW. Read More
My German homework today was to write a poem (in German) that rhymed. This is what I came up with. Of course it doesn't sound as poetic in English as it does in German... "I can fly well. But only in my dreams. Without wings, I ascend. I touched space.… Read More
Dansk/Danish I en verden, der ligner vores meget, på nær én eneste forskel: teknologien, lever der mennesker i fred og harmoni. Alt dette forbliver som det plejer, INDTIL! ... indtil Himmelbyen kommer. Himmelbyen er den legendariske flyvende "kæmpe-by" af metal, jern, klippe og teknologi. Himmelbyen standser oppe over en fredfyldt… Read More
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