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Albeit aggressive but this my protest of our current circumstances in the UK with the pandemic, lockdown rules and failing leaders. Read More
An excerpt from the novel A Novella Underground: Hip Hop, Juggalos and the Journey by Clay Conner. The full autobiographical account of his time as a touring underground hip hop artist under the name Big Slack is currently available on Amazon. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The DJ is back. Read More

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This is a Biography of sorts about the late Hip Hop artist Jahseh Onfroy (AKA XXXTentacion) I don't usually write stuff so go easy on me. Read More
Official Lyrics of 'Kali Zuban' song from Jammu Based Rapper 'RBR' Read More
How far would you go to make your dream come true? Troy Jones is sixteen with the dream of becoming a rapper. He doesn’t want fame; he wants to help his mother who works three jobs after Troy’s father was killed in a drive-by. All Troy wants to do is… Read More
Book synopsis: Troy Jones is a 16-yr-old high school student with the dream of becoming a successful rapper. Not chasing fame, Troy wants to help his mother who works three jobs to support her family after Troy’s father was killed as a bystander in a tragic drive-by. Having problems in… Read More
Nyka has finally found the women of her dreams or so she thought. She experiences a devastating revelation when she discovers that the women she has dedicated her life to and shared her deepest secrets with, has been living a double life right under her nose. After childhood abuse and… Read More

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A sequel from Little Red Riding Hood, this is a gangsta edition. Little Red is a hardcore hustler whose on a quest to deliver his momma's 'Special Kush Rocky Roads' for his sick grandma. It all goes wrong when his curiosity and headstrong disobedience result in his journey to stretch,… Read More
Murphy and seven of his former classmates from Elementary school lives together for a month in a Park Avenue townhouse. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 31, 2014

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Part of a series of rap battles with my younger 'gangsta' brother. Not a serious effort, more an example of the versatility of rhyme in an attempt to teach that hip-hop is always better with a point other than vanity, aggression and covetousness. Read More
A blood transfusion transforms an African-American model named Shomari into a superhero. Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 22, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by the anti-racists and the racist h8ers I wrote a rap, to show we are all one big society. Read More
A 19 year old girl, Jessica White, who felt an energy for dance. Her dream is to become a dancer. At 13, she joined a dance group who were like brothers to her, except for one guy, Bruce Watts, her high school guy. THe House of Sift Heads and dance… Read More
A Rapper's College is an inspiring story about a young man who struggles to overcome his battle with dyslexia while making it through the challenges of his personal life and those of the rap industry. Read More
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