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Book description: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, built at what was once the hypocenter of an atomic blast, is the most visible sign of the city’s renaissance as a force for peace in 21st century politics. But it is not the only reminder of the spirit of Hiroshima. Less well-known are… Read More
A love letter written by a victim of atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Written as a homage to the great US author Ray Bradbury Read More
A look at the mind of President Harry S Truman, during perhaps the most difficult choice of his life. Read More
Uranium terror dropped on silent beaches. Life blackened to debris and sickness. This is a tribute to those who fell victim to the chaos. Read More
This was something I wrote for school, my own way of telling of the terrible bombing that happened to one of the safest countries in the world, Japan. Read More
An awful marriage comes to an end in a spiraling tunnel of flowers. Read More
how i feel about america dropping the atomic bombs on japan during world war two Read More

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A very long poem I wrote about a girl, her sister, and her dog living through the nuclear bomb that wiped out Nagasaki. I've always wondered how the people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have reacted to the effects of the bomb just after it hit. This has long… Read More
A vision of a world without humans, contrasted to today's world. Just something short I wrote a while ago. Read More
A London lad migrated to a small neighbourhood in Nagasaki, Japan with his family. He has to assimilate himself with the local culture and also tried his best to put aside his boyish bravado for the sake of his family. However, he;ll learn so much than he ever bargained for. Read More
This story follows the life of a Japanese Civilian during World War 2, by the name of Tanaka Momiji. He accounts his every day, as if the story was coming out of his own mouth. The Story begins on Saturday, March 16, 1945. Read More
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