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It's 1939 in Parlor City in upstate New York and private investigator Mike Brady finds the rumblings in Europe are causing problems in his city. A missing husband, suspicious characters, and more keep Brady busy and looking over his shoulder. With his childhood friend, Jimmy Cronin, a Spanish Civil War… Read More
"the forest of death, the forbidden one. anyone to trespass will be spirited away. he will never come back alive. if he can then he will die before the next sunrise." years ago, the war between the king of canterbury and the invaders from the other side of the forest… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

England has prevailed in the Great War, but invasion looms anyway. In the influenza-wracked winter of 1918 the dead are coming back, and it's all Jill Nash's fault... It begins with an experimental psychic link to the battlefield, leads to a mysterious discovery in coastal mud then results in the… Read More
  Is there anything more diverting – and more terrifying – than a house party? Lady Caroline Talbott, eldest daughter of the Earl of Haddington, would rather be anywhere else, but her mother is determined to see at least one of her children married by year’s end. What better way to inspire affection… Read More
David Taylor receives a package of notes from his cousin concerning an investigation by their great-grandfather which turns out to be a run for his life in the Murder Castle in Chicago in 1893. Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash Read More
Colette, only daughter of Duke Hildebrand and heir of the Hildebrand business gets engaged to the Empire's dog/ Empire's war lover, General Swain Viler. And who sits by her side as her newly assigned maid? Denise Miller. Her father's competent assistant that he threw away because she was better at… Read More
Lifetimes upon lifetimes. That was the curse placed upon Ahn Jimin. A curse that would span lifetimes upon lifetimes. And in this lifetime, he had simply decide to stop trying. There was no point to it all; if he had not managed to break the curse the past 3 lifetimes… Read More
What would you do, if you found a time-machine? Read More
All lives whether innocent or imperfect, are at one time or another, intertwined. At least that was what Millicent Ballard believed. When she was just ten years of age, she had the terrifying pleasure of running into a stranger in the street who had just robbed the Albert Banking Co.… Read More
London, England, 1812. In the 19th century, Simon Best, a twelve year old village boy, trespassers onto the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, where vampires dwell. When he's turned into one of them, he falls in love with Gemma Carnavan, the youngest of three sisters, who guards her own secrets from… Read More
This is a rewrite of the original story. growing up under the harsh rule of her cruel father and stepmother, any hopes that princess ciliel had for a better life as her brother michael, became king shattered upon his untimely death. now, she is sent off to marry the lord… Read More
In 1812, twelve year old Elspeth Darrow, is killed in a ritual death. In 2012, a group of teenagers head there for a party, unaware of the danger they're in. Read More
London, England, 1888 In the English city of London, Richard Westmore, a Londoner, in the 19th century, becomes embroiled in the case of Jack the Ripper, a killer who has spread fear for everyone who lives there. Read More
I wrote this while learning about Alaric and the visigoths , and also was inspired by My younger Days when we would destroy houses at Keg parties Read More
During the sixteenth century, the fictional country of Baelland is being terrorized by a mysterious band of soldiers known as The Reapers. No one knows what they look like, where they come from, or the purpose of their attacks. In an effort to battle this menace, the Baellish royal family,… Read More
This is a story which im currently working on. It's the first time I attempt to write something like this. Something of a poem written in Iambic pentameter ( or so I try) that maintains its rhyme and a rhythm which is pleasing to the ear. If I wrote… Read More
London, England, 1821 When Lord Abraham Carnavan, and his wife, Lady Elizabeth Carnavan, leave their Mansion, their fifteen year old daughter, Francine, is a young Lady who tries to make herself known to the World. But there's one problem. She's a vampire. As a consequence, she struggles to find the… Read More
A traveler mysteriously comes across a Midwestern town with a bizarre store that seems stuck in a time warp. Read More

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December 29, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

A Legendary Samurai killed thousands of enemies long ago. He was famous in the name, Tiger, and his sword as Tiger Saber. But one day, he faced an enemy with the same level of his skills and during the fight he got sent into the Modern World, Japan. Unable to… Read More
During the height of The American Civil War in the eighteen sixties, Anderson Grahame, seeks his own fortune during the reign of President Abraham Lincoln. As he does so, he meets Elizabeth Payton, a lowly servant girl from New York, who falls in love with him. The new historical novel… Read More
Qin Yu Yan was once a deity who could level the earth with one hand. But she was deceived by her own right-hand man, Shi Feng, who was with her ever since she first entered the battlefield. Being killed by her right-hand man for no reason she could think of,… Read More

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Texas youth of humble upbringing decides to relocate in New York City to seek his fortune. He lands a job that guides him in that direction, and becomes a fashion tycoon. However, the Wall Street Crash of '29 devastates his business, sending him on the streets. Penniless, he travels the… Read More

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"Loved it! Your artwork caught my eye and your story kept me. The since of history and character in your writing is wonderful. I’m a fan..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

1833 London, England. Mycroft, a young man in the 19th Century, recounts his story that is full of love, romance, and adventures. Read More
New York, 1925. During The Roaring Twenties, nineteen year old Christine Anderson, a lady of wealth, recounts her story while she romances Hugh James, a twenty year old son of wealthy lawyers, in the city that never sleeps. Read More
Dublin, Ireland, 1972. During the Troubles, Irish girl Amanda Carlisle, an eighteen year old Irish woman, struggles to survive as her family are involved in several deaths of Englishmen, who invade Dublin. And, in the process, creates all kinds of problems for her when all she wants is peace. Read More
The war with France still waged, but Daniel Linfield’s days of fighting have been ended after finding himself on the wrong side of a French bayonet. Sent home with a promise to his best friend to look in on his sister, Daniel is looking forward to a quiet recovery before… Read More
This is a joint publication of Berkeley and Floricanto Presses. ”Migrant Earth” very eloquently documents the travels and travails of a family of Mexican migrant workers as they wander the Western United States in the nineteen forties and fifties. These are poignant tales that paint the life and death struggle… Read More
Observing a mysterious white culture while living on the ragged edge of poverty in an unaccepted Mexican subculture of America was acutely troubling to a child simply looking for safety, acceptance and a place to belong. These poems are of the brutal struggles of hard work in dangerous times. These… Read More
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