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Out of an unnaturally quiet night, a bedraggled woman in noble finery requests access to the southern capital. Who she is has been lost to time for most, but her continued existence will throw everything further out of balance. Janurana had barely survived her royal house's destruction at the hands… Read More
The town lantern-maker just wants to practice his craft in peace...but the townspeople constantly dump their problems on him. Read More
The story chronicles the struggles of Shynook, a warrior in central-north North America of 5,000 years in the past. It is a time of hardship, as Shynook must not only struggle to keep his family safe and fed, but also to find his tribe, lost to him when he, and… Read More
It's the 20s, one hundred years after The Year Without a Summer. Devils, angels, and humans live not so peacefully in the city of New Olympia. The angels stay cooped up behind their wall in the city center, overlooking all and passing judgement upon the lower sectors of the cites,… Read More
I am a child of the Goddess Morrigan… I was born in the land of Éire… And my heart blazes with its fury… I have lived through the ages… I seek to right those who have wronged… I am the Maintainer of the Balance… The Balance must be maintained Evil… Read More
The Salamacra is a novella length story documenting the efforts of world renowned playwright Fauvian LaValay as he searches for information regarding a series of murders centred around a creature known only as 'the Salamacra'. The story details Fauvian's conversations with Father Ifan Lordrige, a figure heavily rumoured to be… Read More
Four years after the second world war, Germany launches an unexpected attack on all sides of North America in an attempt to wipe them out in one strike. Mexico fell immediately, but Canada and U.S.A stood their ground, surrounded, out numbered, unprepared, but that they didn’t give up. They pushed… Read More
From Awakening to God-Form Read More
the history of the sylvan on earth Read More
The Kuiviess and the 'Deep Working' Read More
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