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Two couples. One love potion. And a whole lot of mayhem. Henry Stoepel, Earl of Saalfeld has loved Lady May Cottrell since they were children. He’s proposed three times. She hasn’t said no, but she hasn’t said yes. He decides to give it one more try at his friend’s Christmas… Read More
Tanner was the fastest rider, a hardworking young man, loyal and true to his heartfelt vow to serve with the Pony Express. But one click of the gun, one moment facing danger with courage, one decision changed everything. Tanner saved his truest friend from desperate men, but in that brave… Read More
In the mid-1850’s Abigale Lewis had to “man up” to provide for her family. Her crippled pa and her two youngers sisters must rely on her to bring back money from the long cattle drive. The only problem was that single women didn’t get hired for such dangerous and difficult… Read More

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August 09, 2018

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In her darkest hour, only one man can save her. Read More
One woman's dreams will change the fate of a people. Read More
In an era when cultures maintain a cautious truce; one man's pursuit, in the name of love, endangers all those he cares for; while another man's obsession spawns a devastating drive to massacre all who stand in his way -- trapping one woman between them -- the victim of… Read More
Tired of the endless parade of cadavers presented as potential suitors by her father, Marcelle becomes disillusioned with love and the idea of marrying. Read More
The enmity of a deranged mind will force one young woman to face the greatest challenges of her life. Read More
Part One of the Hazel Williams Trilogy After failing to entice a detective to take her case, Hazel Williams stubbornly disguises herself as a maid and wriggles her way into the underground, mafia-infested speakeasies of 1920's New York City. Trying to find her sister, and thinking Lacy… Read More
Deseré, a skilled seamstress and slave, lives on a South Carolina cotton plantation. Fair-skinned and astonishingly beautiful, she is owned by a kindly master and given his permission to marry the man she loves, a carpenter enslaved on a neighboring plantation. Yet when her master dies before her wedding… Read More
The Valeros Highlands. A region where only two things are guaranteed: cold and war. Eira and Astrid, two twin sisters born to the leader of the smallest, nomadic clan in all of Valeros. For seventeen years, their clan’s existence has gone unnoticed by the much larger, power-thirsty clans of the… Read More
Some say that everything is fate. Every little accident, incident and good day is mapped out by a force greater than our own. We cannot control fate. But, we can be good so that one day fate grants us our greatest wishes. Ada is one of these people. By day,… Read More

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February 24, 2016

during the civil war, sixteen year old lucy deere moves to a wealthy plantation in charleston, south carolina. there, she meets jack rhett a servant boy who works there. they immediately fall in love. lucy's life is majorly effected by the civil war. can lucy and jack get through these… Read More
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