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This story I started last summer and haven't worked on in a while, and I want to see what people think so far...and I am no where near finishing, I just want comments...thanks y'all. Read More
A kingdom that was short-lived upon a vast amount of the northern grasslands. Eventually falling to the upper-hand of the political casting upon taxes. The kingdom became lost into an abandoned oblivion, only gaining what were to be peasants and assassins finding broken homes suitable for living styles. Although the… Read More
A dying man at sea who has left his son and wife for 30 years, voyages the last; his last voyage home. Read More
Elizabeth Countess of Kenferd must bed The Tempest Knights. Each Knight will possess her body; but can a Knight steal her heart ... Read More
The concluding part of a naughty tale: Elizabeth Countess of Kenferd Must bed The Tempest Knights to inherit her fortune but One For All Does Not Necessarily Mean All For One ... Read More
Set just after Christ died in 40 A.D. Mali is chosen as the bride for Mysou, the new Chief of their tribe. Little does she know that she will have to keep his secrets to protect their lives and the lives of their family. Join her in her journey as… Read More
What would a parent do to save their child's life? Fight the dead? Defy the gods? The story moves between present day and the 10th century, when Vikings landed on the shores of Wirral Peninsula. When Helen Gunn moves to the Wirral with her estranged husband, she doesn't expect much… Read More
Echoes is set in Shropshire, England moving between present day and 15th century when Henry Tudor claimed the throne. There were many casualties of war, but some refuse to be forgotten. Read More
As the Guild King longs for a hard fought peace, his enemies strive to bring unrest to the delicate power balance in the kingdom. All the while, the Prophets desperately seek to silence the increasingly popular voices questioning their connection to the Divines as the King’s number one man questions… Read More

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This is one of three poems, or fables, if you will, that I also wrote a year ago...they all have the same chivalrous, knight-ly style to them. This one's more of a tune. Enjoy! Read More
Germany 1947. A war lost, a country divided while shadows of the past linger over cities in rubble. Hunger is paired with self-pity. When an additional twelve million Germans from Pomerania and East Prussia arrive in the Rhineland and Bavaria, among them the Marlow family, the burden gets unbearable. Displaced… Read More
Tired of all those fluffy gay stories? Bored with gay vampire fiction? Wished protagonists actually had a motivation besides love? Do you really like gay or lesbian fiction? Are you a yuri/yaoi fangirl/fanboy? Do you want a story with more action and bite? Trying to promote your work? Then welcome… Read More
This is a historical fiction that takes place during the 1800's in japan. Read More
A public worship of the Goddess Bastet during Ancient Egypt's New Kingdom period. Read More
This short story is about a hard working Italian American gentleman, who moves to America with his dad to make a fortune. He has to overcome multiple hurdles to reach his ultimate goal, and he encounters sadness and depression in his life. But he also encounters happiness and love. Read More
Evelyn, the bored daughter of a rich aristocrat, is on her way home when her stagecoach is attacked by a gang of vicious outlaws. Terrified at first, she is soon fascinated by the captivating Highwaywoman. Read More
It is 1847 and fourteen year old Kathleen Ryan has just immigrated to Boston from Ireland. She and her family have to overcome discrimination and disease in their new life. Read More
When five people are thrown together that hate each others guts, what would happen? Would they rip each others throats out? Fight to the death? What if their powers were whispered directly from the goddess into their innocent little foetus's ears? When the world is on the edge of infinite… Read More
A story about the biblical writers (scribes) who edited and changed the King David story. It is written in a light and entertaining style. This story is based on the historical research of Moshe Yahalom, who wrote Hebrew books called "The secular bible." Read More
A mute slave woman working in endless sugarcane fields. A vampire that tends to keep the fact that he drinks blood a secret. Henry and Lizette were two very unlike people in more ways than one, but when they meet by coincidence, will something spark between them? Can a vampire… Read More
She has many names, many families and far too many homes, she's lost count. But they aren't hers, because she is a doll and those homes and families are only there for as long as her contractor pays their end of the deal. She's forgotten her real name, hell, she'd… Read More
a short love, i got the idea from a story i read and only line stood out to me "i became a widow on my wedding day" and it stuck with me so please enjoy :) Read More

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A story about racism in the American south in the 1960's. Read More
A story of the assassination of a Roman Emperor by his own guard. Read More
What if you were told that this world, as unique and isolated as it may seem, is quite actually far from being all alone in the universe? Would you scoff, or guffaw at such a notion? Perhaps you might feel the urge to introduce the postulator to one of those… Read More
Mayko is the best spartan soldier other than king Leonidas himself. This is more of a spartan soldier's take on the Persian wars and battle of Thermopylae. He is fighting for most of it. Read More
This is the story of a young boy and his father who are archaeologists. They spend their days digging the ground for relics and treasures, but never find anything of worth. A chance contract in a remote valley uncovers a dark find that changes them both. It twists their lives… Read More
Derived from the poem, Maggie and Milly and Molly and May, a trip behide that day, described in detail, in the eyes of Maggie. The day at teh beach is an enjoyment for all three sisters and their dog. they each have a unique personality and all enjoy their day… Read More
What happens when nearly 170 years after the end of the devastating World War 2 another war was afoot? What if somehow only a few young adults could do anything to save the world from re-entering into a time of war that could potentially end the world? And what if… Read More
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