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When five people are thrown together that hate each others guts, what would happen? Would they rip each others throats out? Fight to the death? What if their powers were whispered directly from the goddess into their innocent little foetus's ears? When the world is on the edge of infinite… Read More
A story about the biblical writers (scribes) who edited and changed the King David story. It is written in a light and entertaining style. This story is based on the historical research of Moshe Yahalom, who wrote Hebrew books called "The secular bible." Read More
A mute slave woman working in endless sugarcane fields. A vampire that tends to keep the fact that he drinks blood a secret. Henry and Lizette were two very unlike people in more ways than one, but when they meet by coincidence, will something spark between them? Can a vampire… Read More
She has many names, many families and far too many homes, she's lost count. But they aren't hers, because she is a doll and those homes and families are only there for as long as her contractor pays their end of the deal. She's forgotten her real name, hell, she'd… Read More
a short love, i got the idea from a story i read and only line stood out to me "i became a widow on my wedding day" and it stuck with me so please enjoy :) Read More

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A story about racism in the American south in the 1960's. Read More
A story of the assassination of a Roman Emperor by his own guard. Read More

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The Pirates attack the Kingdom in the middle of the night. Garnet is awoken by a storm but she knows something else is wrong so she checks the horizon. Pirates.... Garnet is the daughter of a very rich Lord. She hates the life that she has to live. She has… Read More
What if you were told that this world, as unique and isolated as it may seem, is quite actually far from being all alone in the universe? Would you scoff, or guffaw at such a notion? Perhaps you might feel the urge to introduce the postulator to one of those… Read More
Mayko is the best spartan soldier other than king Leonidas himself. This is more of a spartan soldier's take on the Persian wars and battle of Thermopylae. He is fighting for most of it. Read More
This is the story of a young boy and his father who are archaeologists. They spend their days digging the ground for relics and treasures, but never find anything of worth. A chance contract in a remote valley uncovers a dark find that changes them both. It twists their lives… Read More
Derived from the poem, Maggie and Milly and Molly and May, a trip behide that day, described in detail, in the eyes of Maggie. The day at teh beach is an enjoyment for all three sisters and their dog. they each have a unique personality and all enjoy their day… Read More
What happens when nearly 170 years after the end of the devastating World War 2 another war was afoot? What if somehow only a few young adults could do anything to save the world from re-entering into a time of war that could potentially end the world? And what if… Read More
Zoey is pregnant and alone. One bad decision after another has led her to this point. Now she must find family in a distant town where she can go to live. The problem is her bad mistake keeps following her. Read More
Hi, this is my first novel and i'm trying to get as many reviews on it as possible. I'm trying to see how people's response is going to be on it, but no matter the review, all i need any to do is be honest with me. Is it good?… Read More
Takes place in the XVII century, mainly during the French and Indian War. Might (and does) contain violence, explicit scenes, profanity, and homosexuality. Reader discretion is advised. This is a pure work of FICTION, if I get my facts wrong then I'm sorry, I'm no historian. Read More
God receives a request for help from Fatima because a war between Fidel Castro and JFK is about to start. Worried, God asks his son Jesus to return to Earth and difuse the conflict. Meanwhile, JFK and his counsellor are about to interrogate a captured Fidel Castro’s spy (Varadero). Following… Read More
Young readers who think they might enjoy a story featuring real-life characters, as a change from vampires, warlocks, etc., will find much to like in the story of a small boy's journey from the harsh streets of Victorian London to the idyllic fields of the English countryside. It is there… Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 01, 2013

A poetic piece solely meant to pay homage to the sixteenth president of the United States of America. Read More
Booksie Competition held by CassandraHarley Number of words: 2000 The Victorian Era happens to be attacked by a crew of Pirates led by Captain Alexander and his right hand man Aaron. They may be pirates but act like gentleman towards the captive lady, Garnet. If people like this I may… Read More
It's a long cold night and a perfect time for killing the undead. Read More

Book / Historical Fiction

December 09, 2012

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Isang uri ng kuwento na nangyari libu-libong taon na ang nakalipas. mababasa sa kuwentong ito ang iba pang teorya tungkol sa pinagmulan ng Pilipinas at ng ng lahing Pilipino. Read More
From the slave ship to the present, Miss Mamie ruled, influenced and controlled her heirs through her daughter, Mamie, aptly named after her. Miss Mamie’s daughter, Janie, grew and prospered under her mother’s power and carried on their traditions, heritage and ancestry.s). Read More
Owen accepted that his poetry wouldn't be what it was without Sassoon's input. However, he sometimes found himself feeling that what they had produced by the end of an evening was like a union of them both. No. Owen smiled slightly. No, he supposed he didn't mind the idea of… Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

November 23, 2012

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I have now done two chapters of this story, and i'm not sure If I want to bring in werewolves, but i'm thinking of making Mary have to kill a werewolf. Tell me wat you think please, thanks Read More

Short Story / Sports

November 22, 2012

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1980 Nwe York hockey fiction Read More

Book / Romance

November 19, 2012

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Formerly "Re-GI-na!" Regina Banfield is a 16 year old girl living in Victorian England. As the only unmarried daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banfield all eyes are on her as she wades through potential suitors, trying to find herself and her soul-mate. Will she let her mother shape her into… Read More
Detective Mac Splash, is suspended from his work but when the bodies start piling he will bring the killer the only way he can... By force. Set in the 1930's Chicago, Mac will bring a new meaning to words 'Law and Order.' (Starts of as a Drama, turns to more… Read More
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