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"In the character of Mary Bennet there existed a profound irony which was as follows: the only quality that saved her from being wholly ordinary was the extraordinary degree of ordinariness which she possessed." A Mary Bennet romance and Pride and Prejudice continuation. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Casper (formerly known as "John Doe" or simply "the boy") didn't ask to come to Glenholm. Nobody asked him if he wanted to be here either. For better or for worse, he's stuck living under the same roof as Glenholm's own notorious witch man. Balor's not a bad guy actually.… Read More
Born into nobility, sold into slavery, Antonia Aliana’s life takes an unexpected turn. As if one homicidally inclined husband isn’t enough to contend with, Antonia Aliana finds herself shackled to an enigmatic and perhaps equally ruthless new master. Add to this his lecherous business partner and an unpredictable emperor; it’s… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a short piece I hope to expand to a full novel at some point. The year is 1658. The Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, Oliver Cromwell, lays dying in England. A servant with a mysterious past enters. He's about to learn that your past always catches up to… Read More
Book Excerpt! This is the third snippet of my second book "Pursuit into Darkness." How does Julia and members of her group interact with mortals? In fun and amusing ways, of course! Read More
The story of young William Fletcher. Who lives in Ludlow Castle in England. Read More
After a terrifically hard and terribly disappointing day before the Fourth of July, Peanut Johnson, wandering aimlessly down Main Street, stumbles upon The Capital Z, a This and That Shop. Stepping inside, he meets Mr. Aloysious Zip, the kind and eccentric shopkeeper, who introduces Peanut to a most wondrous place.… Read More
In the final months of World War Two, Germany staggers toward defeat. Maria Hanselman, one of the only female surgeons in the country, is forced into duty by the SS when doctors near the front are found dead or missing. While she works to save Germany’s soldiers, she must keep… Read More
Inspired and based on the famous English ballad- "The Death of Queen Jane", performed by Oscar Isaac in " Inside Llewyn Davis." Read More
A creative non-fiction take on the days just before the beginning of The Crusades. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two twin boys in 1906 learn the grass might be greener on the other side. A picture speaks a thousand words, but one word can conjure a thousand images. I hope the writing reflects a time period both familiar and alien to 21st century senses. Read More
With his own memoirs Captain Kenner takes us on an adventure spanning two world wars and a few scrapes in between Read More
(a historical fantasy) A mutiny aboard the pirate ship Black Roger turns deadly when their female pirate captain refuses to release her power Read More
In the late 1970's, fifteen year old Anita Perez struggles to come to terms with reality, stuck between her childish daydreams and the prospect of growing into her own skin. Miss Black is Anita's english teacher who aids the fifteen year old in her journey, but is bombarded by issues… Read More

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June 27, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Enigmatic and spirit Anna Lucera is gifted with an uncanny sixth-sense. When her green cat-eyes and lon dark hair capture the attention of a young lawyer named Kevin Townsend, a romance ensues which leads them to the hauntingly beautiful region of California's Carmel-by-the-Sea, where Anna is intuitively drawn to the… Read More
When one is the most respected and feared woman of all proper Society, one is used to getting her way with whatever she likes. She is not, however, used to people who do NOT fear her - or care for the Society that everyone around her is obsessed with. It… Read More
This is for my upcoming and first Novel called "Kings" This shows the readers what to expect when the actual Novel gets released. Read More
Felix and Lucius have been hunted their entire lives without ever knowing why. Moving from place to place always trying to blend in and never being able to. But now the mysterious force hunting them is about to reveal itself again sending the brothers on a whirlwind adventure that… Read More
A story of a lady's experiences in the Salem Witch Trials. Just a preview of my current work-in-progress, 'The Phoenix Trilogy'. Please excuse the font, it is there to simulate the handwritten nature of the story. Read More
A young woman lives during the harsh years of the revolutionary war. Read More
A short story written from the perspective accounts of a Jewish man with his family living in a small village someways away from East Germany; written during the events of WWII. Details the father giving his daughter a little doll and his subsequent encounters with SS Guard with the presence… Read More
Emily is a bastard, growing up with her brother Alain in their fathers country mansion. She has always found the topic of her unknown unseen mother mystifying. Her fathers dream is to marry her to a family of similar rank and wealth but Emily just wants to find her mother.… Read More
A Wolf's Tale is a historical novella I began writing for my own three children at the height of that execrable Iraq War.It is an anti-war/anti-genocide work about a young Indian boy and his pet wolf as they face the challenges posed by the arrival of a new people. Suitable… Read More
The events in this story take place in 19th century Bhutan, in the backdrop of a civil war. The story is mixture of history and imagination. The civil war did exist, as did one of the main characters, but the rest is fiction. The story begins with two friends and… Read More
Just a start to a short story about a boy from medieval Europe I plan to continue working on. This is the first story I have ever tried to write outside of school and I would love some pointers and tips.:) Read More
Merthyr Tydfil was a hamlet at the turn of the 19th century. By 1850 was the most industrialised place on earth, with the two largest capitalist enterprises, Dowlais and Cyfarthfa ironworks, within its borders. It had been a lawless place; a frontier town, until only recently. Now, there was a… Read More
A look at the mind of President Harry S Truman, during perhaps the most difficult choice of his life. Read More
Born and soon orphaned in 18th Century America, brilliant young inventor Thomas Smith discovered the secrets of utilizing electromagnetic fields for the production of limitless energy. When he tried to use his knowledge to help America gain independence from the tyrannical grip of the British Empire, three of his five… Read More
A Time to Love in Tehran Before there was a revolution, there was a time to love in Tehran. ''The lever had no design flaws. The eight prisoners dropped instantly. Several of the men writhed and kicked and gagged. The black flag had been raised and it now flapped inside… Read More
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