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Willow Jameson knew nothing of her family’s past or their connection to the Morgan family when she first met Re Morgan. All she seen was his ruggedly handsome appearance, his gentle words luring her into his strong embrace. What she found was a passion beyond compare. She couldn’t have foreseen… Read More
A Time to Love in Tehran Before there was a revolution, there was a time to love in Tehran. ''The lever had no design flaws. The eight prisoners dropped instantly. Several of the men writhed and kicked and gagged. The black flag had been raised and it now flapped inside… Read More
Astarte, this is the name of one of the two daughters of Boecio, king of Theben, and his wife, Peitho, a nymph handmaiden to Aphrodite who died after giving birth to Astarte. Her sister, Ker, took the throne after the sudden assassination of her father, and is married to the… Read More
‘Saving Lord Beresford’ tells the story of Lucy Alstone, who had it all; a boyfriend, a job in the big city and the lifestyle she always dreamed of- until she lost it all. Devastated and heartbroken, Lucy runs back home and into the middle of the Derbyshire countryside, seeking seclusion… Read More
Marshal James McPherson, swore he would never have a family life as long as he wore the badge. That was until the day he met Lydia Wharton. Follow him along as he defends Dry Ridge from every day predators and having to protect his family from the harsh enemies of… Read More
Clarissa is the beautiful daughter of a selfish Father and a dead Mother. She is forced to marry against her will, for money, power and a title. But someone else has occupied her mind and heart for years, unbeknownst to her family and friends - or so she thinks. A… Read More
William, a writer in becoming, moves to London in order to make a living and find the sense of his life. He hopes that he'll publish his works but fate has something else reserved for him. Unexpectedly, he meets Rose, a beautiful 20-years-old woman and an ex-actress. What he does… Read More
Seeking help from colleagues around the globe, Victorian physician, Dr. Liam Gilbert, is desperate to discover what is wrong with little Rachel Ellingswood. The child has faints that bring her near to death without warning. Only child; heiress to a huge fortune in Devon, England, four year old Rachel will… Read More
In the novel, Christine spends a fortnight with Erik. What exactly were all those haunting nights like in the house on the lake? Here's my theory…a short, one chapter Phantom of the Opera fan-fiction. Based off of the novel. "I am ready for you, Erik." He simply…watched her. And Erik… Read More

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September 20, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Lord Davies murdered his wife. He escaped the cloud of suspicion but there is no doubt in his mind that his actions lead to her death. The events preceding her death are known to none but him and a trusted servant. He travels with his guilt to London for a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Paperback Literati Book Review Read More

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September 11, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Prologue to a Work in Progress Read More
An artistic duchess mistakes a gentleman for her next nude model. He's got nothing to hide, except the fact that he's Her Majesty's spy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The story of Penelope. Living in the 1800s, her family is depending on her to marry well to better their situation. But she desires to marry for love. Two men come her way; one who is rich and one who she loves. What will happen? Read More
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