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A little history on the life of a shaman in the northern paiute culture. Read More
[Historical Fiction] Back in 1969, a local teenage male of Norfolk, Virginia free-wrote on his experiences in life while he was currently serving in the Unites States Army as an infantryman in Vietnam during the civil war between the North and South of the divided Vietnamese country. Read More
Meet Contarhuacho, a secondary wife of the Inca emperor Huayna Capac and an intrepid dudette. As both a local leader and ambassador for her people, she was a powerful woman in her time. Read More
The raiding army of Bakhtiyar khilji is riding in from the west towards the worlds biggest university of the early medieval world. The safety of its residents and documents are hanging in the balance. The chief Guru's mind is made up. Read More
In all of human history we have been most intrigued by more or less evil people, such as; Genghis Khan, Mao and Hitler. But i prefer to look at the sunny side of humankind. The people that did something amazing for the greater good. This top ten list is of… Read More
Four brothers enjoy riding motorcycles, each with unique experiences, some telling and humorous, and some eye-opening. Read More

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This is the story of KING LOUIS XVII, the uncrowned king of France. He is the child of King Louis XVI of France and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Royal family is kept prisoners when the French Revolution starts. This is the story of the boy's harsh sufferings and ordeals as… Read More
i wrote this when i was 15, enjoy! Read More
Here are 14 pages of original poems with a unique rhyme and meter based on tales and folklore concerning historical figures. The poems represents the fruit of my studies as a History major at Worcester State University. From figures of monumental stature to lovers, warriors, heroes and villains, the poems,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An Old Man Recounts His History... Read More

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Timber isn't always cut with the roar of machinery. Read More

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An old British Red Coat is found in an estate sale. Inside is found a message from the original owner. It changes the life of his descendant who becomes a museum docent. Read More
A bit of history and how things were done. I don't think we'd like to go back there. Read More
A group of Alchemists summoned by King Philip II to create the Elixir of Life Read More
A monologue from a soldier facing certain death- only this isn't the first time he's faced it! Read More
Billy Harris writes a school report about Butch O'Hare Read More
It's about the transition of Calcutta from the Colonial days to the 21st millennium Read More

Article / Romance

October 05, 2019

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what if j.f.k had lived Read More

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Tags: history

Book / Historical Fiction

September 23, 2019

Sarah Ellis is a 14-year-old girl with a sad past tying to find happiness Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

TBH, no idea why I wrote this, guess I'm just bored and shit. But hey, if you want to know random facts about Finland's history and nationalism, have at it. Hope you learn something useless. I sure did. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

September 17, 2019

as a poet, i find inspiration in many things, thus creating different characters to enable more diversity in my work, poetlander offers on the subject of outlander. times i'll use edits to enhance or simply add something to give each piece more depth. Read More
Peace has reigned in Moorbia, due primarily to the tireless efforts of NOVA, the international body set up to arbitrate disputes. It has kept the peace for many decades and has avoided several major conflicts. But it has been a strained peace, like the calm before a storm, like a… Read More
The Truce of Abradia began to unravel the day it was ratified. Within fifty years of its existence, it was a faint memory in the old minds of those who were alive during its creation. A brief respite after several hundred years of constant war, the truce, only provided a… Read More
The Warehouse is a literary thriller set isimultaneously in the current time and during the Siege of Leningrad. Read More

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