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What would you spend your last bullet on? Would it be spent on a good deed or a bad one? What would a hit-man spend his last bullet on? Read More
A burned out and crippled up government hitman returns to his hometown for one last time to settle up loose ends. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I'm Sammi. I'm 15 and I'm accompanied by Anna, a parent-less 8 year old. Together we preform jobs together given to us by anonymous customers. I guess you could call us hit-men. Also, is it wrong that I have feelings for my 8 year old companion? Read More
Four different people, four different lives, but in the end all of their lives came together. This story tells about the last day of a musician, a homeless guy, a drug addict and a hit man for the maffia. They were all headed to New York City for different reasons,… Read More
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