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about concentration camps Read More

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about the Holocaust. The title is not meant to be derogatory towards people of jewish descent... it is about the holocaust. Read More
This whole book was my friend's idea Read More
Prior to World War I, Hitler never rose above the rank of Lance-corporal, as his superiors considered he lacked leadership qualities. But, what hypnotized Hitler, that he transformed into a merciless tyrant and manipulated the minds of millions and lead his nation to war. Let’s take a deep insight into… Read More

Poem / War and Military

February 09, 2018

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From the eyes of one of the many victims of the holocaust. Read More
Uploaded beings commandeer the nuclear fleets of the Confederate American States and Russia. Regenerated and upgraded, Lise, Charlie, and Jana race to resurrect Heinrich while building a lunar refugee camp armed with nuclear weapons with help from an uploaded Air Force general. The evolution of Darwin past his design… Read More
Heinrich marries Donna Dearborne, daughter of General Dearborne, becoming a military industrialist in the Cold War spy satellite business. A crazed KGB assassin kills Donna in 1962, leaving only Heinrich’s first-born son alive. Douglas von Onsager is killed in the 9/11 terror attack after building up a multi-billion-dollar trading… Read More
A romance in War & Peace from Hitler, Trump, through World War Three - Future nuclear physicist, Lise Reber, and future fighter pilot and test engineer, Heinrich von Onsager must fight for survival at the hands of fanatical Nazi, Hans Fritz. The trio begin as friends at a Hitler… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 17, 2017

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Taking an exclusive peek through the mind of a sadist as he engages in dialogue with some of his detractors. Try to pick out who each character is by reading the exchange that takes place below. Enjoy. Read More
Hitler is one of the most infamous war criminals in the world. His name invokes grimaces on anyone who hears it, and he will forever be know as the most evil man whoever walked this Earth. But what if he escaped justice? What if he didn't really commit suicide in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A fanfiction of Hitler and his mistress, Eva Braun Read More
With World War 2 still raging, the world is in a terrible state. Only have of its original population remain. A time machine has been put together though, and it could change everything. Tell me what you think in the comments! Read More
The classic tale of love and way, but with a twist. Two young men from different sides of society join one another, in friendship, comradeship and desire. As Matthias and Franz join the war effort they form a kinship, one that is not thwarted by the opposition, the English. But… Read More

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A bunch of nerds go back in time to kill Hitler. I've noticed I've become rather feverish when I stay up for too long. That is to say, this is one of the first things I wrote on one of my forced insomnia binges. I become a much more interesting,… Read More
During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies). The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the… Read More
Romance, mystery, and betrayal.... Set during the life time of Rasputin (the mad monk of Russia), and spanning across Siberia and Europe Zigeuya Chovinhani is a sweeping tale of the Romany (gypsies), their magical ways and romantic customs. Rasputin, known for alcohol abuse, tantric sex and womanizing is on his… Read More
The year is 1969, a turbulent time in American history. Young people are hitch hiking along legendary Route 66, little do they know that a serial killer lurks on the highway, in search of female victims. Lilith, a fifteen-year-old runaway, gets swept up in the hippie movement and plans to… Read More
This is a very short story. It is 1,235 words Himmler, Hitler's right hand man has committed suicide to escape persecution after the fall of the Third Reich. What he doesn't realize is he must now face a higher court. In this story he will meet Jesus and be tried… Read More
In 1935, the Nazi's established a program called “The Lebensborn.” Their agenda, to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children. These children were to be the new master race, once Hitler had cleared all undesirable elements out of Europe. Within a year the first institution was built. The year is 1943.... The… Read More
On May 13th 1939, five strangers boarded the MS ST Louis. They were promised a future of safety away from Nazi Germany and Hitler’s third Reich. Unbeknownst to them they were about to embark upon a voyage built on secrets, lies, and treachery. Sacrifice, love, life, and death hung in… Read More
A golden child is engineered to become a perfect specimen of Hitler’s master race. But plans can change. Alliances can be broken. Love and trust can be destroyed in an instant when people are not what they seem. In a time when the dark evil forces of the third Reich… Read More
Detrick was born with every quality that would ensure his destiny as a leader of Adolph Hitler’s coveted Aryan race. But on his 7th birthday, an unexpected event changed the course of his destiny forever. As the Nazis rose to power, Detrick was swept into a life filled with secrets,… Read More
A Change of Heart – See what happens when an Israeli assassin is sent back in time to exterminate a young Adolf Hitler and all of a sudden makes a choice that forever alters his people’s horrid past. Read More

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poem about pain and suffering Read More
A Nazi soldier provides a fresh look at Nazi Germany and shows that being on a certain side of the war does not necessarily make someone good or evil. Read More
This was an Ela project I received a 100 on. It is based on not Anne frank, but her sister, Margot Frank. Margot also wrote a diary but it was never found. I chose Margot for my project, and went from HER perspective. Enjoy! Read More
In many aspects, the Nazi era was like a breach in space and time. What happened during these almost 12 years of dictatorship, at the heart of Europe, in one of the most civilized and industrially advanced country, does not match the moral, philosophical and religious values that existed everywhere… Read More
Celia Dupoint may appear to be a normal young lady. She eats like a normal girl, sleeps like a normal girl, has crushes like a normal girl, but only a couple things are off. Celia has been a dictator of the New World for nearly one hundred years and still… Read More
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