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Zootopia: Operation Thunderbolt follows the story of Blake Thunder, a fox struggling with his life after his family was murdered. He consequently turned into a ruthless cold-blooded hitman working for The Golden Fang Clan, a secret organization led by the malevolent criminal mastermind Raphael Roarlington. Things take a tight turn… Read More
Tommy Rook once a skilled hitman turned drunk and drug addict is giving a chance to get back what he lost, all he has to do is make a deal with the Devil and kill demons. Read More
Eli Park and Hazel Truman met on an online dating site. Once they met, they knew there was something special about the other. Especially since one happens to be a wanted hitman, while the other is an upcoming horror writer. Eli-- the hitman-- has to do everything he can to… Read More
A hitman recalls his last mission and how it changed his life forever. Read More
There are times when you stay and fight, and there are times when it's wise to run and hide. Read More

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It all started when She walked into the unused laundry room of the home that she shared with him, horrified upon discovering his weapons stash in the small room. He decided to spare her life by making some calls. Now a days, she works as a handler for Agent 47,… Read More
Two brothers following in their father's footsteps just aren't cut out for it. It takes one of the top assassins in the business to set them straight... and she does just that. Read More
Part 3 to my comic book series. Issue 2 took a weird turn when i started writing and issue 3 should keep that momentum going with some weirdness mixed with more story arcs. PLEASE COMMENT GOOD OR BAD Read More
part 2 goes back in time to where things all began for marcus. see how the twists and turns shape his life into who he has become. PLEASE COMMENT GOOD OR BAD Read More
A contract killer sets about his last job before his intended retirement. The target is a devious character. Will he escape? Read More
Issue #1 in my comic series. Marcus is a guy who is over 200 years old and becomes a hit man at the dawn of the countries freedom. One wrong job and it shapes your life forever. PLEASE COMMENT GOOD OR BAD Read More
When an empire has come to its breaking point will it find hope in a man who is unlikely to bring it to them Read More
When Krešimir Kraljevi?, a Croatian Roman Catholic priest, who has been leading a double life at Zagreb Cathedral in Yugoslavia for the past twelve years takes a routine confession one afternoon in November 1940, it triggers a suppressed desire to avenge his father’s murder and to consummate a forbidden love,… Read More

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Hitmen are some of the most feared and powerful killers out there. But what if a hitman was a teenage girl, a dead teenage girl in fact. Things are about to get a whole lot more dangerous Read More
In the truth for the murder of his father. Ben Hassleback goes on a complete assassination course to become a silent assassin. (Hitman) To avenge his father. Read More

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What can I say, the criminal life ain't easy. Read More
While riding a train, an unnamed hitman reflects on existence and his last six jobs. Read More
Ethan was only fourteen when OASIS recruited him, seventeen when he had his first mission. He was twenty when his life was truly hit with a bout of hell. Hitmen. Assassins. Guns for hire. Whatever you called them, you couldn't deny they weren't the the best. But even the mighty… Read More
The Burger King has always envied his rival McDonald's success. Will he get his revenge? Read More
A different style of writing; just experimenting Read More
This is the first chapter of my novel Stovepipe. Read More
The long awaited #9 is here! That means that I'm working on the last Holiday Man right now! #12! This one is Thanksgiving! New characters are introduced! Read More
It was a dark and stormy night. A lone hitman goes on what he thinks is his final job. Unfortunately the storm is never-ending. What was supposed to be a simple payday spirals into the absurd. Now the hitman and an odd cast of characters must unravel the mysteries of… Read More
Here's #8!!! It's Halloween in this one! Lot's of awesome stuff! Hope you guys like it! Read More
A young girl finds that her father is involved in some shady business with the wrong people, when he's black mailed by two men that are supposed to be his friends he ends up owing the boss man lots of cash. Sammy through all this trouble find a friend in… Read More
Two assassins in Hong Kong have been hired to kill another assassin from America hired by the CIA. Read More
Well, it's finally here! The long awaited for Holiday Man #4!!! It's Friday the Thirteenth and it is awesome! This is where the story starts to take off! My apologies to those who had to wait a while like cobalt or mike stevens. But my new aquaintance Ninjakk hasn't had… Read More
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