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This is the story of one woman's journey through being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, choosing to leave an unhealthy and tumultuous marriage, having to move back home, and finding ways to heal naturally and regain her life and wholeness. The tools and techniques described in this book are things… Read More
When you realize "holistic" is a buzzword meant to generate revenue, rather than student recognition - my daughter's experience with university admissions Read More
For imagination to be dipped onto the slate of creativity. An ongoing towards fields of yields, that merge the reading pleasure of a modern classic, and sum the simplicities of those elemental varieties at no times dealt with. Its an impersonal fictive narrative of nearing real edged facts, based on… Read More
This is draft form I have waited long enough for academic peer review, I am looking for someone to critically review this, as such there will be typos and academic mistakes due to myself being the single auther on topic that is very complex! Craig Ireland, Independent Researcher, the author… Read More
The Spiritual Entrepreneur is a manual to help people learn to balance spirituality, business and money. Read More
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