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Many dreamed of freedom from the death camps. Tragically, for many it remained a dream. Read More
A little girl's father was taken away by Nazi soldiers for no other than being a jew. She and her sisters are taken to Auschwitz, where she thinks she is going to meet her father for the first time in so long. Read More

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Featured Review by L.E. Belle

"This is a very well-written scene and very emotional too. I recently watched "The Hiding Place" and I am reminded how terrible the Holocaust was..." Read More

If there be a Holocaust, I shudder to think. Read More

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Essay / Non-Fiction

January 27, 2019

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This is a short essay I wrote, reflecting on my visit to the first concentration camp Dachau, about 20 years ago. I wrote it in 2012 and decided to post it here on Holocaust Remembrance day. Read More
An alternate history story that focuses on what if Anne and Margot Frank survived Bergen-Belsen. This fictional account focuses on Anne and Margot on their recovery from Belsen and their road to a new life. Read More
En plenas revueltas sociales de 2015, un virus desconocido desata en Atenas la peor pandemia a la que se haya enfrentado nunca la humanidad. En cuestión de semanas la mayor parte de la población mundial está infectada o ha muerto. Un emigrante español en Grecia relata en… Read More

Poem / War and Military

February 09, 2018

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From the eyes of one of the many victims of the holocaust. Read More

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A remembrance of the holocaust from the view of one of the American soldiers who liberated a death camp. Read More

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My name is Zeni Rozenstein and I'm an 82 year old Holocaust survivor. I experienced many horrors in my life, and this short tells just the beggining of it all. Read More
A Holocaust Story from Czernowitz Read More
Holocaust Stories from Czernowitz Read More
A Holocaust Story from Czernowitz Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 16, 2017

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I visited a Holocaust memorial museum a few days ago and this poem came to me. I would like to say that I would choose death, but I do not know. Read More
Realistic Fiction story of a 17-year-old girl, trying to survive in the New Holocaust. Read More
It's 1943 and sixteen- year- old Lola Moreau is thrown into a cattle car, bruised and beaten. There she meets seventeen- year- old Isak Petrov, the first friend she has had in ten years. Together, they must try to survive the darkness around them without getting killed first. In that… Read More
Thirteen-year-old Jacob is faced with the German occupation of his hometown, the death of his father, and being sent to Auschwitz death camp. Read More
I based this off of the life of a girl who was in the holocaust. Her name is Bertha Adler. This is a fictional diary, but she was a real person. Her biograpghy: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/idcard.php?ModuleId=10006524 Read More
The holocaust from a fictional jew. Read More

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A ROBLOX based event that can connect to the real world. A family hiding in an attic, soon to realise their final moments. Only to be powerless in the end. Read More

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I have read many autobiographies of 'survivors' of the holocaust, such as Night. I have taken a few classes studying the holocaust and my family has stories from it. The characters in the story are from my mind but the events described in them are real. I normally do not… Read More
Amos, a Jewish boy in Poland is captured and Amos finds himself in a place where executions are held everyday. Thanks to his talent at playing on a recorder he is saved for a while. Suddenly, he finds himself in a room where souls go on... Read More
Former Nazi guard, Oskar Groening, is now confessing to the murder of over 300,000 people of the Jewish community in a camp in Auschwitz. Read More
A compelling story depicting life in one of the worst genocides in history, the Holocaust. Read More
In the only time a Holocaust survivor ever interviewed a death camp supervisor, the former Nazi expressed remorse for what happened, and for what he did. This extraordinary exchange raised many important questions. Read More
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