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The End of Days is a Christian term for the end of everything; Ragnarok, if you like. Read More
a healthy relationship with the holy spirit is real. Read More

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We cannot go wrong, if we do what God said. My poem. Read More

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Are you truly wise? What is wisdom? The wisdom of the world is not the wisdom of Scripture. Read More

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A vow to uphold that goes beyond the likes of chivalry. Read More

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the honesty of cow is seen here , this is a kannada legend poem , translated by PRERAN.S.G. best story converted to song. Read More

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Ever wonder how those considered holy stray from the path? Or how evil gets its roots in such men? Heres a tale of sorts about such a heavy topic. Read More

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If who you are on the inside is different than who you are on the outside, then you are lying to God. Read More

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Who is God? What is God? Can we know? This article gives just a brief description of God from the historic, orthodox, biblical point of view. Read More

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November 02, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the second book I am working on in the group of 3. The other one is called Demon Inside Me. Please look at it if you haven't already. Any comment you can leave for me is greatly appreciated. Read More
Eye Tuwe Slo Waya The world doesn't respect the Lakota laws or the Lakota way of life anymore words of a Lakota holy man Eye Tuwe Slo Waya – He Who Knows pine ridge south dakota Read More

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The Great Ones Army of Truth. Read More

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Just a brief summary regarding the Highest Holy Days in the Jewish Religion and how we celebrate them... Read More
Today people imagine that there is no after life and that they will not be resurrected and that they will not be subject to any form of accountability or punishment. They are leading lives as they think is fit without realizing that the Creator created mankind for the purpose of… Read More
There exists incredible history that once lived, but was purposely destroyed long ago. One such story barely whispers today. If it weren’t for a mosaic recently discovered at an archaeological excavation in Thrace, the world would have never known the truth. Theodora Apsimar was the first and last female Marcher… Read More
Decided to step forward and let the spirit in me Breathe.. To be so loving and positive is a blessing that comes from walking with Spirit. Read More
I already have this poem published on another site. I like it because it is so simple. Booksie says that the name The Book is taken. Since I have already published it I cannot really change the name. So I will try to rename The Book (Also published at Poetry.com). Read More
Eyes can tell a story of peoples life? If a person had a hard life you can see it in there eyes. Look in someones eyes you can see there purity or if they hide something? I did a portrait of my eye lol. Now you know what my soul… Read More

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Talking with angel or seeing angels a reminder to remember who they serve. Read More

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Renting the earth for the life ourselves. Read More
A friend of mine and I talked about a wives tale about the rays of light in clouds like beams of light. A soul goes to heaven. Makes you think when you see light break through the clouds because God is the light of lights. Read More

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This was life or death for my daughter having a grand-mile seizure at 7 years old. This is what she saw and she doesn't lie either. :-) As soon as I pushed publish for this poem. My wife had me go outside where two hawks or falcons circled our house… Read More
This describes part of me NoS482 and what's important in my life. Also how I see other's that I use to know from school and how they changed. Read More
How I perceive things in everyday life. Spiritual signs happen. Read More
Holy spirit feels inside me I also feel. Read More

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It started as a song idea and jelled into a mix of many of my poems combined with how I feel sometimes. Can you relate to this poem? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Greg gets high on 'Holy Water' and then the Gang decides to Panda Moo a Chinese takeout/ 50's Burger joint hybrid. And things go terribly wrong. Read More
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