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Traverse my homeland yonder? The land of beauty and grace Where rivers were pregnant With torrents of honey and milk. Left her shores many a spring ago Know not how my motherland is If you’ve traversed her, I beseech, Describe her ethereal beauty to me. Read More
Going to a date with Liza, a cute young woman that he met just few days ago, Dave Larsen, an ordinary student of the Academy of Magic, didn't expect how it would end. Well, he got an invitation to a next date... just not with Liza. Now, he has… Read More
and now, please meet this cat. he's smokey grey, he lives somewhere in the academy of magic and he likes sleeping, stroking and economy classes. oh, and he also can't be affected by magic. at all. so when four students of the academy decided to give home to this… Read More
How we perceive what we are taught, stays with us forever till death due us part... Read More
A fictitious tweak in DNA and some wishful thinking about the world we live in. Read More
I wrote this in loving memory of my Irish grandfather who passed away over 30 years ago but still remains with me to this day. Read More
Story of how a invasion begin...how some were driven away from their homeland...!!! Read More

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"Me and you are one, my homeland" Read More

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Thirteen hours of back-breaking journey had brought him to the New Delhi Airport. He had flown over one ocean and two continents and landed in the third. Most of the passengers, a mixed group, had slept during the flight. However, his co-passenger, a young man in thirties, had kept awake… Read More
Richard Mills Warns N.J. & U.S.A. Read More
The terrorism risk in American has reached an all-time high. Recognizing the need for an aggressive response, Homeland Security assigns Wynn C. Garrett to eliminate the threat of the Al Jahbid terrorist organization, by any means necessary. Believing he is a former Navy Seal, they expect him to be politically… Read More

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My part for crazyonyou's MWP challenge. Lilly just learnt that she had to marry some weirdo but what happens when she reluctantly agrees to go to Hunter's homeland? Read More

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April 25, 2011

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The tiger cub Was all alone. The little cub Was lost and couldn’t find home. He was lost In a strange land. And no matter the cost He wanted to go back to his homeland. Read More
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