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Who am I? Where is America's soul? Who are we as a nation? We read what a struggling man has to say about this important issue in life. This is a very short story. Read More
A homeless teen struggles to come to terms with her past when an unlikely stranger comes into her life and connects her to the mother she never knew. Read More
A new presidental order has opened up a new boarding school for homeless teens. Charlotte will never go though. She is much happier on the streets. But when the authorities take her in, she has no choice but to go. Overnight, she loses her freedom. Now, she must conform to… Read More
It was Christmas night when I witnessed my first murder. . . and a murder that taught me about courtesy. Read More
This story began with the title "Unhinged". When a social worker encounters a case that she cannot resolve.... she recognizes the need to leave behind her the needs and problems of others that cannot be met within the scope of her own situation. Read More

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October 14, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A brother struggles to find his identity in the unforgiving town of Las Vegas. Read More
After Penney's mom dies, she finds herself as a homeless orphan. To make some money, she does some singing on the street. But that is when people start mistaking her for another person. Is it possible that Penney has a twin sister? And could it be possible that her twin… Read More
Hazel and Walter are both homeless, using their lives to tell drug addicts and gang members about Jesus. It is not always easy and usually dangerous, but they know that God wants them right where they are: On the streets. Read More
Jasmine is just your average, paralyzed, homeless, rock star, college student. Read More
Jack was wrongfully accused and convicted of raping and killing 9 young girls. now he is granted his freedom back. Read More
Newly orphaned, a teenager and her sisters must deal with life on the streets. All hope seems to be lost until one night, when one simple miracle changes everything. Read More
A short story about a man suffering from the loss of his family twenty years ago and his own loneliness over those years. Read More
Poetry for a five-line contest! Hope you all enjoy ^_^ Read More
Mick and Rei are living the American dream...,their both homeless,with out food or shelter barely out of high school and expecting a child. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Say hi to Skylar, a sixteen year old boy who ran away from his home at only ten years old due to drug addict parents and an abusive father. In need of a job he walks into a getgo store and applied, not knowing that his life would be forever… Read More
One of my best friends talks about he's poor and yet he has a job and an iphone and eats every day, so I wrote this in retaliation, using examples from my life. Read More
The word itinerant comes from the Latin word 'iter' for journey. A theme in my life has been this wandering, from place to place physically, but more so in other ways. This poem is a way of expressing this feeling of restlessness in the knowledge that this life is incredibly… Read More
Story of the interaction of somes boys and a dog. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Charity is the greatest gift from God, to be shared for the needy, the homeless, to all those who reach out to you for a helping hand. Please don't pass them by. Give them hope. Read More
Annabelle is what she calls a "street singer." She wanders around New York City, singing and playing guitar in hope of donations from generous people. All she wants is enough money to buy food and water. Sadly, the New Yorkers have stopped giving, and it's harder for her to make… Read More
This is a mini compilation of things that has happened to me after I got my pixie cut. My friends think these events are linked to the pixie cut, but who knows. Read More
This essay talks about homeless people who are living in the slums. I might just be one of those people one day. Read More

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A summary of my life during my whole 20 years. Read More
Because I believe Home does not have to be a place, it can be a person... Read More

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