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It’s exactly what I wanted. Read More
I was a quiet girl. I kept my head down, never said a word to anyone, I gave no one reason to hate me as much as they do. Until one day all that changed, I changed. All because of one dream. Read More
April's life is all fine and dandy until one day when she finds a file. This file may just get her killed. But just who are the ones after her? Her parents or the group of murderers? Why does her parents have this file in the first place? Are the… Read More
Based on the story " Little Red Riding Hood." Submission to Agitha Skottie's " Monthly Contest. This story is 100% fiction. Read More
Once upon a time-oh, dear, scratch that. I think you've already heard of that first-liner. Hmmm, how about this- There once lived a very quiet- No, that won't do. Here, I've got it: In the wolf-ridden forests, there will never be a chance for the girl with the red hoodie… Read More

Book / Horror

September 04, 2012

Children must fight to death to survive. 30 children only one can survive. seen through different eyes Read More
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