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January 10, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The following is an accounts or entries written by a man who writes about his experience with the lady in white or the Banshee. The end of the story is pretty "twisted" and maybe really satisfying. Read More
Tom Banks is a reporter for a newspaper and he is looking for a story, but the infamous suicide forest AOKIGAHARA, But he travels to places he should not have. Aokigahara Temple. He finds a family photo which he was intrigued to find out about. But he just raised the… Read More
a man with melancholic emotions faces the soul of his demised wife. will he survive the oppression she is bestowing upon him? Read More
An old man is dying of cancer in the hospital and his serial killer son is waiting impatiently for him to die or for his chance to kill him so he can collect his inheritance. A very strange nurse who nobody knows becomes the old man’s protector. She wears a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Kenneth Hastings is both plagued and blessed by nightly visitations of his deceased daughter. He is convinced that his daughter is trying to tell him something. A new girlfriend who is very intrigued by his experiences decides to not so voluntarily perform a very old medical procedure on him, in… Read More
there is man going to holidays. and met a person who works as researching on ghost. Read More
The Abyss In The Girls' Bathroom, a play on words, is the story of a mall security guard that walks into the girls' bathroom 35 minutes after closing time to check and make sure no one is still inside so he can lock up for the night. The good news… Read More
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