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Avery Deliore had no idea what she was getting herself into when one encounter changes her fate forever. Vampires. Luxury. Death. Passion and love draws everything together but also apart. The darkness will engulf what is realistic and pure fiction. Things she never could have even dreamed of patiently awaits… Read More
A list of...intersting attributes. All need apply. Read More
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If you don't know who blood on the dance floor are, why the hell not? So for all you people out there that are blood on the dance floor deprived, this is for you guys. Feel free to thank me xD Read More
pictures for all my characters. each chapter is dedicated to a different novel. Please comments and tell me what you think ;] Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Madison Cassidy has been best friends with Meghan Thompson since she was 2. The only problem is Seth Richards, Meghan's boyfriend of 1 year. Seth has always come off as annoying and basically a big pest to Madison. Well all that changes when Meghan's 18th birthday arrives during spring break.… Read More
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