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Alice a girl who only knows to fight but has lost the reason why. the answer is locked in her memories. A mysterious boy who know how to make her heart pound keeps appearing in her dreams. Are they dreams or could they be memories from her forgotten past. Read More

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cute extremely long emo love story , O.O Read More

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Book / Romance

March 05, 2010

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Someone once told me: Life isn’t a fairy tale, there are no happy ending, And no handsome princes that Come and sweep you off your feet And take you to their palace, But sometimes true romance Can Give you everything. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

April 09, 2009

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By: Gabriella Norris This is about a girl who has a crush. You'll have to read to see how it turns out! Read More

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Playing the seemingly quiet, shy, Plain-Jane Jackie Larz, who wanted no more than to step out of the overprotective wing of her rich father, Haydlen Price made a name for herself in less than two years, on her hit T.V. show, "The Forbidden Fruit." However, Haydlen is nothing like her… Read More

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