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Procrastination is a danger to us all. I attempt to explain why... Read More
It's a life skill to be able to focus on the necessary...evidently I do not possess this skill. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It is a piece about the parenting dilemma that I and many other parents face with a twist of humour to it.If you have had kids you will definitely understand what I am talking about.Even as I am writing it,my daughter is thumping on the keyboard ,hoping maybe to destroy… Read More
For all those Parks and Rec fans, this is a how-to piece on finding your inner Leslie Knope and using that to succeed in life. Read More
Tired of reading those GOD AWFUL requests people leave on your page? Want advice on how to get more people to read your works? Read below, and you'll be pleasantly enlightened. xoxo, Abigail Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An account of a few moments of my incarceration, recounted to the best of my ability. Read More
Well, obviously this is your ticket to love! Gotta read it, there are no freebies! Okay, well it IS free to read it but...JUST READ IT! Read More
I think the title is self explanatory... Read More
After four years in an art high school and still being bitter about not having enough money to attend an art school, you start to think about things: your teachers, the things you've encountered, whether or not this will ever add up to anything and how you ever really managed… Read More
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