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God has a plan for each one of us, and He chooses sometimes those who rely upon their own strength, like Joshua did, claiming that he was salvation and transitioning that self-reliance into God`s dependence. This is His plan for each one of our lives: to make us dependable upon… Read More
God predicted that the nation would rebel against God and would request a king just like the surrounding nations have. That`s why God, knowing people`s hearts, gave them the rules they should abide by when electing a king and the regulations by which the king should live. Read More
If you feel like you are in the dark today, I encourage you to listen to what the Lord would tell you. Don`t counsel with people, but come to the Lord; people would only lead you astray. The purpose of the darkness is to make us dependable upon the Lord;… Read More
Here, we see that God points us to the root cause of unsuccessful ministry in one`s own country, one`s own house, and one`s own family: unbelief of people who consciously choose to deny the change in your heart and reject the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ. Read More
It`s important to watch how do we start, live, and finish our lives. Aaron ended up being blotted out of God`s Book along with all those who created a golden calf and worshiped it while Moses was buried by the archangel Michael himself (Jude 1:9). What a tremendous difference and… Read More
God reminded me that it is His will to pray for those who are lost; it is His will to pray for the “wicked” and do what it takes to save them. Peter writes that God is longsuffering toward us because He is not willing that we may perish. This… Read More
Isaac`s name means laughter (Genesis 18:12), and some people may laugh at his obedience to his father Abraham and to the Lord, but his life was an example of the righteous walk with God that his father Abraham imprinted on him during upbringing. Isaac continued the legacy that his father… Read More
God only tests us in the areas where we lack dying to ourselves in order to live for Him. For some of us that represent money, some of us career, some of us our own child/children, some of us spouse, some of us parents, etc. In the end, it`s not… Read More
Back in the days when Jesus was leading his 3 year ministry, this was a valid question that still stands today: “Who do you say that I am?” We are inclined to ask this question and rightly so, but it is only good to ask it when we truly desire… Read More
Here once again, God shows His true character and faithfulness to remind us to persevere to walk in His ways. He promises us to be written in His book of Remembrance if only we continue in our walk with the Lord. There have been so many days when I stood… Read More
1. God seeks to be our King. If only we would allow Him that place, He would deliver us. 2. If God was rejected and knows what it feels like, we have a true consolation that He knows our pain and understands it. We can share our emotions and feelings… Read More
God has called us to have One Faith and One God. God wants us to have one faith, one Spirit, peace, humbleness, and unity, and these are essential components for the marriage which I was an am continuing to lack. God showed me yet again that without unity in the… Read More
If I would still allow another hint of doubt about God`s justice, this scripture definitely killed all my doubts; I will have no more doubts about His holiness and righteousness to hold us accountable for our actions. God is a holy God, and He will not tolerate any false teachings,… Read More
I think we should take special care as to what we say to God and what we question Him about because we can “obscure” His plans and prevent Him from moving in our lives with doubts and complaints. I personally read these verses and repent to seek God`s forgiveness for… Read More
Acts 16:31 (NIV) 31They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved —you and your household.” God is our Potter and we area clay in His hands. All the promises He lists in the Bible is to show an example of a potential Masterpiece for His glory.… Read More
There are 4 important points here to understand: 1.God loves us, and He yearns to entrust us His kingdom; He wants us to inherent it in due time. 2.God entrusts us according to our abilities, and He knows are abilities, capabilities, and limitations all based on each of our spiritual… Read More
God`s desire for us to have a broken spirit, contrite heart, hunger to know His scripture and to know Him personally, and to humble ourselves as much as we can. Once we get to that state, we see a different level of faith springing up. The main thing I`ve come… Read More
Ezekiel 22:30-31 (NIV): 30 “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. 31 So I will pour out my wrath on… Read More
Here is a very important part of the prophecy as to why it would take so long for Israelites to maintain in slavery despite their cries for freedom: “for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure”. Wow! God`s timing is not ours, and He knows… Read More
Here are these 4 main ingredients: 1. I must abide in Jesus as He abides in me. It`s a mutual responsive relationship which could only exist through the personal knowledge of God and authentic genuine desire to know Him (John 15:4-5) 2. I can only rely on God in everything… Read More
This message is very clear that we must believe and confess our sins that would produce cleansing change in our lives. Everything that we did before, we no longer do. Just like Manasseh when he returned from captivity, he changed the way he lived after he cried out to the… Read More
God is in control, and if you think that you you have no more strength to keep going, ask Him to strengthen you, and He would be faithful to do that. He`s done that to me so many time that I can truly testify of His faithfulness. He continues to… Read More
If you feel like you were wronged, or you are tired of waiting for the Lord to show His justice, please stay patient and wait until the end because God is faithful and just every single time. The only thing that could delay His response is our hearts and their… Read More
God is faithful to save those who we pray for. He was faithful to save me, so I know His word is true for those who continue to pray for their loved once including me praying for my husband. Read More
this is just somthing I'm working on for a school paper, I'm sure no one will read it but if you do....yeah I know it needs work :( Read More
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