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June 27, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Amazing race. The human race. One breathe begins the odyssey. One gasp, one sigh, and ends the trek across the garnished field of time. Read More
Lily, an alien from the Planet Helena, journeys on behalf of her race to a human outpost planet in an attempt to win a segment of humanity over as protectors against an incoming threat. she struggles against others that try to influence her world and immediate life as her understanding… Read More
A young boy is about to enter puberty but finds out the changes are not like other boys experience. He slowly finds out how he originated and what this meant for him now. Can he accept this and can he forgive? Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 06, 2022

Evil, a creation of the human mind, that entices and seduces, and finally consumes and devours the creator and the destroyer. Read More
Renew your days, renew your life. My poem. Read More

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February 22, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Free verse Read More
Unnatural we are, and soon we will leave, but for now we do not suffer, but I continplate, what would it mean if we didn't rot away, where we are free Read More
This poem is about what the pandemic has taught us, the humans and what we are doing, how we are treating the environment. Read More
It is the best thing we could have. My poem. Read More
You cannot stay in one place forever. My poem. Read More
We are all only human...some just rise to the occasion. Read More
Night hunters come Not quite human, nor animal, Something in between. Read More
A poem about an intergalactic love story that consists of hedonistic pleasures and profound realizations. Read More
That great massive light. My poem. Read More
Once-were people used to be human, but no longer are. Not quite zombies, ghouls, or vampires, they hope to steal people's lives to rejoin the living. Read More
just some of my writings over the past year. my life and my thoughts are poured and conveyed in these short note style pieces-wk Read More
how it feels to be sane in a pharmacy Read More

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No matter how challenging the situation is, a man who truly loves a woman will never let Her go. By the way, a real man would never lift a hand or hit a woman Cause love isn't supposed to hurt in that way. A Woman who truly Loves a Man… Read More

Tags: love, romance, human, etc

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