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Yes, there are indeed a million stories in the Naked City. And quite a few just wandering around your neighborhood. Nothing splashy-----or slashy, but life all the same. Weird.Sad. Funny. Bad. "Where do they all come from?" Wow! What next??!! Read More
Oh no, not more of those . . . those THINGS. Like, well, life and like that. Sorrow and laughter; humor and irony. Why the hell ARE we really here? In one fashion or another. There are a million stories in the naked city. Yeah, but do they have… Read More
What? Wow ! C'mon, no way! Bummer! You know, I know a guy that that happened to, really. Truth. Did she really become a pole dancer? Cheese Louise, man, this is too real, right? We all know it happens, friend; every day, 24/7, 365: the wheel of life. Read More

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