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February 07, 2020

Sometimes, as we journey through life, we unexpectedly meet someone we feel has no place in our life – that the person is not someone we would ordinarily choose to know or spend time with. At one time or another, we have all met an individual like that and later… Read More
What if our parents hadn't moved to Jacksonville from Altha, Florida in 1945? This story reflects my thoughts over many years, my imagination taking hold envisioning Hardie and Joseph Dube living on a farm and raising four sturdy boys. Read More
Centered around a girl sick from the flu and finally recovered prior to Christmas, a Milwaukee family from the suburbs prepares for the big day, Christmas, with a snow storm outside their home and them together inside building upon the special bond that exists between them. Read More

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Texas youth of humble upbringing decides to relocate in New York City to seek his fortune. He lands a job that guides him in that direction, and becomes a fashion tycoon. However, the Wall Street Crash of '29 devastates his business, sending him on the streets. Penniless, he travels the… Read More

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"Loved it! Your artwork caught my eye and your story kept me. The since of history and character in your writing is wonderful. I’m a fan..." Read More

In 1856 a Virginia frontier family decides to travel west on a wagon train. Disaster strikes in the Arizona Territory, the life of a small family member taken unexpectedly. Though grieving, especially the mother of the small girl lost, the family pursues their objective. Years later the father and unborn… Read More
A boy and girl neighbors grew up together, one mentally handicapped, the other normal and bright. Separated in adulthood, they are reunited after years, find love together, no mental illness, and discover other surprises about each other. Their lives will be centered on each other and their kids, as told… Read More
A dedication to my Father, Joseph Authur Gerald Dube, not a mountain of a man physically, but one of good heart and dedication to family values. Read More

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After a young girl is inspired by the crafty design of a doll her mother buys at a local Tampa, Florida craft show, she envisions making her own doll and dresses. Her father a junkyard dealer, supports her in the endeavor, she eventually becoming a wealthy doll-maker and later fashion… Read More
Upon retirement I looked forward to painting and writing, also enjoying our cabin in North Georgia. Health insurance premiums rising altered my long-sought plans and my wife and I faced decisions, primarily that I get an extra job for health insurance benefits. One job I applied didn't suit my character.… Read More

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Account of my wife Sharon and my 53rd Wedding Anniversary at our mountain cabin, not ceremoniously but doing everyday chores and enjoying each others company. Read More
West Virginia farmer, and female hired hand and homeless traveler, experience individually life's challenges and tragedy's, both to overcome as they work together, ultimately to discover a romantic bond between them. Read More
Virgil, an Army trainee soldier awaits a train in at a depot in Columbia, S.C. He will travel home to Florida between Basic and A.I.T. training. Sitting on the platform bench two hours, he recalls when as a youngster living with Aunt Eva and Uncle Corbett on their West… Read More

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Bill Dukes awaits his young son, the boy eager to help him farm. Years passing, Jimmy learns the trade his father teaches him, and following in his same row, becomes a successful farmer and North Georgia community leader. Read More
human interest story of one woman's battle with cancer, earthquakes, and rising above life's challenges. Read More
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