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A Male Mithra (Lehko Habhoka) and Male Hume's (Erhart) one nightstand. Mature sexual content 18+ and I do not own the images I use in my stories. Read More

Tags: smut, hume, mithra, mxm, ffxi

An essay in which I argue that, among other reasons, Nelson Goodman's Grue Paradox is uncessarily complex, that we have universal cognitive principles gifted to us by evolution that provide a benchmark for rejecting grue predicates, and that our reasoning is not inductive, but is speculative conjecturalism. Read More
.” “I am Adam Smith,” said the old man. “Adam Smith, the Father of Economics?” Joked Juggernaut. “Indeed,” said the old man. “No kidding.” “No, I am the reincarnation,” said Adam Smith. Read More
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