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greetings! welcome to the Havens we hope that you enjoin your visit while staying with us check in is at 12 and check out is NEVER Read More
The gang of the we always catch our crooks club receive a mysterious text but who sent it and why Read More
Cookie and Daisy are so close that they even share the same dream but was it just a dream or something else Read More
the we always catch our crooks club try to solve what's going on inside Tommy's neighbors house Read More
Was it just an old sponge or an alien creature you decide Read More
Will you be able to help an old wolfdog find his glasses Read More
All Tommy Cub wanted to do was to spend his summer vacation at his uncle's dude ranch but..... Read More
This is one game that Tommy can't afford to lose nor ever play again because if he does he'll be stuck inside wizard pin ball world forever Read More
While on vacation with Vicky's aunt Lucy the gang make a great discovery one that many have a hard time believing that they really do exist will you believe or just read it off as another fairy tale Read More
growing down deep inside of Sammy's aunt basement there's a mystery just waiting to be solved Read More
There's something very wrong with Chuck's new car it's up to his brother Tommy and his friend Sammy to figure out what its before its to late Read More
The we always catch our crooks club just found gold! or did they? Read More
There is some thing very wrong with Sammy's new friends and why are they so scared about exploring a super cool cave that the gang just found Read More
What is Peter Fisher up to? Is he a friend or foe? don't worry the we always catch our crooks club is on the case Read More
Is the legend of Old Toby's treasure really true or just a made up story Read More
all the gang wanted to do was to go and buy a nice x-mas tree for their club house what they got was a mystery in need of solving Read More
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