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Narcissistic Object-Choice Is a short poem about two Narcissistic’s in a relationship. Taken from a humorous stance in a subject that is far from funny. Read More
Mind, Body, Spirit – these are all topics for heated debate at Beor’s 1,125th SoulCon. But when attendee Prince Ampersand is kidnapped, it will take all the unusual talents of newly resurrected Dave Mortes and the Teenmagers to find out who the real enemy is, stop civil unrest, prevent a… Read More
This was written i March and April of 2020, when COVID-19 body-slammed New York City. But New Yorkers, ever tough but tender where it counts, locked down and made it through, in spite of the ever-present sound of ambulances and sirens. I thought that if ever the spirit of Christmas… Read More
A father-daughter spat sends young necromancer Emilia Mortalis to seek out her real parents, beginning with a summoning in a cemetery, where she encounters a faceless Angel statue. Over time, she tells it her stories and her secrets. When her foster father is killed while fighting in the Badlands, she… Read More
On Crossover Eve Night, a phantom turd appears in the bathroom of the Old Priest & Rat Tavern. Find out the story behind it, and listen as Master Bard Marlee Nightfall tells the Feckin' Tale of Glenn Vikibod, who must become a pirate to avenge his father's murder, find the… Read More
Anitra Sanjeep, Box Office Manager for an Off-Off Broadway theatre, discovers an unsigned Valentine's Day Card on her desk. Enclosed in the envelope is a dinner invitation to a very exclusive new restaurant in Greenwich Village with a Lord of the Rings theme. Can she find out who her secret… Read More
There’s a horse that roams around Epic Tavern who has a bad habit of kicking unsuspecting patrons. His story involves a rare genetic anomaly that occurs when centaur twins are born. This is a Tale of colliding problems, among them: a rise of nationalism in the Dwarven kingdom, a terrible… Read More
The magical antiquities shop, Morbid Curiosities, is seriously damaged by an arcane tornado, setting loose a priceless collection of Godifacts: items crafted by Beor's Gods and imbued with a bit of their powers. The most dangerous of these is the God of Blarney and Mischief's Banana. While crafting it, the… Read More
According to Legend, the Nethergate first appeared in Beor over 1,400 years ago. It was closed by Chancellor Moltenscar, assisted by the Mage College's most powerful student in history: a twelve-year old prodigy name Elysia, who was lost during the battle. Or was she? Newly-found records reveal that the Chancellor… Read More
Tasuil Beor Crime Boss, the dwarf Clive Wespie, has escaped the Very Deep Dungeon. The House of Many Tots, with some assistance from the Understudies, embarks on an ambitious plan to help the town's street children escape the clutches of Wespie's gang of teenagers. Wespie will do anything to maintain… Read More
Ungar, a good-natured Orc, has yet to find a job that he's good at. As Fate would have it, the King of Tasuil Beor needs a Hero to slay a beast that is known as the "Horrible, Awful Thing." Scores of adventurers have tried, and died miserably. A rare survivor… Read More
Epic Tavern's menu features Netherchicken wings. There are reports of huge eggs appearing on Beor's main roads, hatching hideous monsters that are terrorizing travelers and bringing trade to a halt. The Understudies seek to crack this case, and what they find is a really Big Bird indeed. Dhampir Jack, Bard… Read More
An investigation into mysterious messages advertising a hard-to-find Savings Bank leads to a corrupt dwarf seeking to have Tasuil Beor under his thumb, a mage-ineer of major mechanical ingenuity, a child slave network, and the rebirth of a former house of ill repute into a place of refuge and learning.… Read More
Sarah Burnheart, aging ingenue and untrained fire mage, attends an audition and finds herself part of a cast of characters (including a gladiator, a dhampir, a bard and an aromancer) who together will form an undercover support group for Epic Tavern's adventurers. Espionage, subterfuge and dangerous assignments notwithstanding, it's literally… Read More
What do you do when the one you love is an accident-prone thief who might just get himself killed or incarcerated before he even proposes? If you're Elryssa Flac, you ask the Gods of Beor for a miracle! But every miracle has a price. Ah, the things we do for… Read More
A 10-year-old Fire Mage, an 8-year-old Shaman and a 6-year-old Necromancer break into Beor's infamous magical items and antiquities emporium - what could possibly go wrong? Pilfer perilous, priceless artifacts and free the Dragon of Time with Wizkiddles Kharimar, Elona and Emilia as they accidentally set Morbid Curiosities ablaze...or do… Read More
How do you free a pregnant dragon from an ancient magic-dampening temple located near a Church and a monastery full of guards? One of the developers of Epic Tavern, upon reading "The Old Priest & Rat's Tale", asked me what happened to the pregnant dragon. "What happened next?" is music… Read More
The story of how The Old Priest & Rat Tavern got its name. The game Epic Tavern asks you to name your own tavern, or if you're not feeling creative, you can use their handy Name Generator. The Old Priest & Rat is one such name I encountered. "There's a… Read More
Anthony the anxious flying ant is on his way to work and full of woe. Along the long and winding path he comes across many other animals and insects who offer to help him along the way. Anthony however, is not what he seems and has a cunning plan for… Read More
The Witches cafe is the first in a series of children's picture books about Brenda, a Witch who runs a cafe deep in the forest where she provides tasty snacks, spells, and potions, to keep all the Forest beasts in check.Here are the words without the pictures. Read More
A children's story gone wrong. Read More

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Three short poems that form a short collection together. Inspired by banditry, gambling and religion. Read More
Entering the medical clinic amidst Covid-19, Jock didn't expect his appointment would change his life because of an unexpected meal given his hungry doctor by a former patient. Read More

Poem / Romance

February 23, 2020

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But do you know what will do better? A touch of jam and maple cream, With just a slice of fetta. Read More
Auf Deutsch. Das ist ein Brief, der an ca. 5 Universitäten unter meinem wirklichen Namen gesandt war, sie aber ihm keine Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt haben. Weil er jedoch sehr interessante (meiner Meinung nach) Vorschlage und viele Ideen enthält, habe ich mir entschlossen, ihn in anonymisierter Form (d.h. als Myrski) hier veröffentlichen.… Read More
Four brothers enjoy riding motorcycles, each with unique experiences, some telling and humorous, and some eye-opening. Read More

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Short Story / Humor

November 17, 2019

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i entered a so called ghostly mansion and then.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Plimshaw Inc. Part 1: Toast of the Town Part 2: A Whole Brunch of Trouble Part 3: Dinner is Swerved Collectively referred to as "Plimshaw Inc.", I am considering either expanding these into a full-length novel or novellas, or possibly a graphic novel. What do you think? Read More
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