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Bacon, the best food group to exists? Some would kill in the name of bacon. Read More
The next exclusive chapter into the World of Reginald Skyline. What will happen next!? Read More
After witnessing his Sister's death. Reginald awakens within the confines of a box. He is trapped, he must find the key to escape. And find out what's really going on. Read More
This story is placed a few hundred years after Mockingjay. It has been hundreds of years after the last uprising happened. No talks about uprising are allowed to be heard in the Capitol. Not in their history books, not in any traces that was left by the former districts. But… Read More
This is the art of a highly regulated drabble... kind of. See it's funny! It was just a small something I did a while back, and hopefully might make someone smile. It is one hundred words! No more, no less. Read More

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A poem for an unrequited love. My very first post. Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 24, 2012

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I see behind the mask of lies that surround me. Only one me. Yet so many you. Read More

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Its the feeling of someone who wants to see his loved one smiling throughout the lifetime Read More
My Entry for JewlzRM Teen Suicide Contest Read More

Miscellaneous / Humor

January 14, 2009

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This is for those few who do not know how to act in church or for those who needs tips about church actions. Read More
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