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What happens after the downfall of Panem? Their technology, fallen into the wrong hands, could make a disaster. Read More
The thing I am most proud to be is a geek, so I decided to write a poem to outline some of the geeky things I love. Read More
The Survival Games is a yearly event hosted by the Empire. Every year, a bunch of select 16-year old girls and a couple 16-year old boys are chosen from each of the 3 cities. This year, Ty's day has come to be in the dreaded Games. In the Games, he… Read More
Will has always lived in The Alley. She has grown up with the Men of the Pipe, the white washed walls of the government buildings and the wreckage of the city. It is all she has known. How can those plain, flat, white washed walls contain both her death and… Read More
These original stories will each take less than 5 minutes to read! Heart-warming, slice-of-life, Hunger Games fan fiction... all in one collection ;) Read More
This story is placed a few hundred years after Mockingjay. It has been hundreds of years after the last uprising happened. No talks about uprising are allowed to be heard in the Capitol. Not in their history books, not in any traces that was left by the former districts. But… Read More
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