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(BxB, don't like, don't read) Mason is a hunter ever since his parents were died, his aunt had taken care of him since then but what would happen if he was sent to a school that has vampires and more. Would someone find out what he is or will something… Read More
A young boy named Atlas Wahl finds himself in a secret war against monsters created by a substance called "Despair". Read More
A short story written for a prompt from the BoMoWri Cha Prompt House. Read More
These characters are part of my previous story, "Dracula, with a K". Just giving them room the grow their personalities. Read More
I like the movie but thought that it had so many holes in the plot and unnecessary twists that it drove me nearly insane. This is my attempt at tying the storyline together so that it makes more sense. At least to me... Read More
In the Philippines, exists powerful creatures that Filipinos feared. There is one man who fought these creatures and people know him as "El Monstruo Asesino" Read More

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There’s a world, a world that has been uncovered by the normal humans but also feared as well. The government once held a war against them. Many lives were lost. Many families, homes, and dreams crushed by this great war but unfortunately, the normal humans did not win this war.… Read More

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July 12, 2017

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We make strange companions by are united in being hunted. Read More

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Kai is traveling in Germany when she discovers a family of Hunters. Miara immediately organizes the Tokyo Lupa to deal with it--one of the Hunters is only a teenager. Can he be saved? Just a note, I haven't finished posting all the chapters yet, but hopefully I'll have the time… Read More
**Based on Teen Wolf** Dakota's parents are killed in a car crash, she's bitten by a werewolf and discovers a world she believed to be make-believe. This new world isn't all as it seems though, it's a cold and bloody world where only the strongest will survive. That was a… Read More
Sarah likes to take walks in the forest. One day she takes a walk she meets what looks like is a starving wolf, she goes home and comes back with some food for him. Later she finds out the he is actually a werewolf. She doesn't care though, she wants… Read More
A boy named Ace V becomes what he most despises in life. He wants to protect what he has left after that horrible night but also what he has found along his journey. Always asking himself if he can forgive himself or not? The boy lives his life and becomes… Read More

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The Story of Harvey Whitlock, a boy that decided he wants to join the Purgers, a clan of ancient Monster Hunters. Read More

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Hayden Clarke is a young witch who lives in the small town of Jasper, Oregon where she's made a name for herself as the town's all-star pastry chef and owner of the famous Wicked Sweets bakery. Her seemingly normal life goes into a free fall after learning that there is… Read More

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This is a story about a boy who hunts vampires and doesn't realize he is a vampire. Comedy. Child-friendly. Stage directions are just suggestions from when I did this show. This is free for any use. Please comment before using this script in any performance. Characters: JAKE- A bit of… Read More
Anna's family is filled with Hunters, looking for vengeance after her brother is killed. She knows the consequences, but none of her parents will listen. A/N: Just as a head up, there will probably be NO mention of the Winchester brothers. I do not want my storyline to tangle with… Read More
Cole, Hes a hunter who travels with a wolf and Raven but he has a secret he is the youngest son of King Kaleb. He works for a group of hunters under his assumed name of Wolf. He gets codded messages through his uncle the only man who knows who… Read More
Retta Lynn has a pretty average life, though she constantly thinks of a boy she knew long ago she knows as B. Until B (Bartleby) returns to her with much adventure and love to offer her. But this does not come easily, as her roomate has a dark secret and… Read More
Whitness what happends next as Lizzie will face many new challenges and threats. Lucky for her she has her friends to watch her back but who this year is hiding something and who has comited the most deadliest crime imaginable someone has murdered the King. Read More
In a world of superhumans, Luke and Lilly Jones must find peace with their powers. In the high-tech new city of Heartania, America in 2050, a brother and sister must somehow survive its rough streets and find themselves taken on a journey through an urban landscape that will change them… Read More
I'm so sick and tired of him. Of his sly little grin. His know it all attitude and his egotistical ass. My name is Jessie Rhal and I am the cursed of the damned. I'm the darkest of the dark parts of humanity. A curse plagued on the hunters in… Read More
This is the story of my first elk hunt, filled with excitement and humor! Read More
Thomas is an ordinary boy who dreams big: he wants to be a Hunter. Being with the ability use magic and accomplish great things. There is just one small problem: he doesn't have magic flowing through his veins. Orphaned and unloved, he is often the butt of jokes. One day,… Read More
this is the event that started the vampire girl on her mission to kill killers like before some content may not be suited for young readers parental permission is advised some language, blood and vampires. Read More
HK discovers a large and dangerous movement in the Hunter community, and a group comes together to combat it. But will they all make it? Read More
A stag hunt with dramatic results. Read More
These are just little ideas that i write down, so i don't forget them, and then in the future i put it together and make stories out of them. So yeah, hope you enjoy! Bye! Read More
The world has been shredded to pieces. An alien invasion has crippled civilisation and they're now kidnapping countless amount of people for some reason. Robert and his family tried to stay low but it was no use. Robert lost everything.He now has to do everything in his power to find… Read More
A book about hunters who hunt vampires and other creatures in order to keep their towns and cities safe. An inside look on the view of the hunter, instead of the vampires. Read More
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