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Max was discovering the not so glamorous side to having a relationship with a girl, such as getting nagged to get off his butt and ‘actually do something for once’. However, when he encounters an antiques trader in town, he finds the perfect solution to his problem… Read More
Will John turn his new stuck-up sibling into a maid? Or will he get found out and get sent back to foster care? Read More
Mia never liked her siblings. Being the only girl in the family her two brothers were tolerable at best. However, when she has to spend a week alone with only her older and younger siblings for company she snaps and decides that she is the one who will be in… Read More
Daniel knew that he was attracted to Lilly, only she didn't love him back. Dejected, he browses online forums to find an answer when he comes across a post from a particular user… Read More
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