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needing, longing & knowing Read More

Tags: ice, moonlight

The coldness of a soul in the dark. Read More

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Poem / Fantasy

July 18, 2018

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The Red Wolph Literature House

This poem describes the main character in my fantasy story called Michael the Traveler. Read More
F.D.D's subunit number 22's Liya Snow, Sylvia Phoenix and Emma are all put on a gigantic rollercoaster ride of confusion (metaphorically) when a person from Sylvia's past comes along sparking more questions than they needed. Just who is Cal and why doesn't Sylvia remember him? Just who are they… Read More
this is just a poem version of my short story uce journey i hopwe you enjoy. Read More

Tags: ice, real, skates

PROMPT: At 3 am you wake up out of a very sound sleep. You hear the ice cream truck outside of your house. And you realize, the sound that woke you up, was the sound of your 4-year-old daughter, letting the door slam, as she left the house. Read More

Tags: ice, cream, truck, clowns, clown

It's about dynwen and maelon & me and my Dwynwen... Read More
Magic, faith and morality are all clearly defined in the Book of Burning Light, a holy religious tome which governs Mikal and Aleeria’s homeland. Now at the age of service, the pair set out to fullfil their assigned rolls to their nation. But when an enemy from an unknown… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

They creep in darkness. Don't fall into the gross error of thinking that all nightmares are simply random fluttering of a slumbering mind.... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Thoughts on a bag of ice. Read More

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Book / Fantasy

February 03, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The Night-Dancer world, an extension of our very own, was indulged in magic. When King Damoen died, his son had strict rules to see to his kingdom. When it was threatened, he turned to the only person who knew what to do, Morgana Glacér. Lilith IvanLore was… Read More

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The Poems House

Just looking in the looking glass. Read More

Tags: colors, ice, blue

Poem / Other

December 29, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Whenever my parents went away, which was often, they left me an adventure. Trails of brightly colored stones, hidden clues, cyphers and treasure maps. Anything to emulate my favorite stories, but reading a story is very different from living one, and now that I am, I just want to go… Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

A popular legend in the Kingdom of Fire, of IGSFA. Originally an own chapter in my book, but it's separate enough to be its own Short Story. It is set in year 7, what we would call the middle ages. Edited a bit after Icomment suggestions Read More

Poem / Other

December 17, 2017

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The The Imaginarium House

Tags: ice

Tags: ice, cold

Poem / Poetry

November 14, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: ice, cold, water

--CHAPTER 1 1/3 DONE-- Read More

Tags: fantasy, ice, fire

Poem / Romance

August 18, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a poem created by a friend. Ice, fire, red, blue. Enjoy! Read More

Tags: love, longing, ice, fire, flames

This is a short narrative poem about a well known tragedy. What tragedy? You'll see. Read More

Tags: ice, sea, tragedy, deaths

Poem / Poetry

August 03, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Poetry Read More

Tags: love, rain, ice, ego, ocean

Casimir an ex recon special forces soldier trying to survive in a post-nuclear world amidst nuclear winter. He's on a personal mission to fulfil a promise he made to his dear wife Katja before he was sent to the front lines and she ,along with their daughter, sent to fallout… Read More
Torunn is 17 years old and lives in North Carolina, she has a little sister named Angel, who is small for her age and is very beautiful, same with Torunn. Torunn's and Angel's parents died on a car crash when Torunn was 12 and Angel was 3, they now live… Read More

Tags: love, school, ice, fire

Poem / Poetry

May 08, 2017

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The Poems House

Just a little poem with some liquidity. Read More

Tags: rain, ice, ocean, storm

The story follows Max who must deal with the Read More

Tags: ice, sci-fi

This is just a fun little story I wrote ;) Between you and me, I'd totally date Oliver if he was real Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 10, 2017

A poem about loneliness described in the metaphors of an abandoned building & winter. Read More
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