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A fun children's poem helping to answer the question "If you could have an ice cream dream...?" Read More

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If I've chosen to break my diet for you, you had better be there Read More
Mr. Pinyon serves ice cream and stories to the town of Rushbury. Hank hears a harrowing tale of a lass on the run. Book 2 of the series. Acknowledgements: Thank you to my wife who took me to a farm so I could see what a corn field looks like.… Read More
Mr. Pinyon owns the local ice cream shop. He serves up the best ice cream and the oddest stories. On his way home from school, Hank visits the shop and hears how a kid's game changed Mr. Pinyon's life. Read More
a short story about a day out to the fun fair Read More
New school. New People. New Friends. Everything's New And Is Awesome. -I was too lazy, I'm sorry Read More
A poem written for summer and having fun Read More
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