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What would you do if your ex-boyfriend showed up in the middle of the night? Read More
Loosely based on the fateful feud between Kjartan and Bolli as documented in the Icelandic legend of Salmon River Valley (Laxdaelasaga) this story centers around two brothers whose lives take unexpected turns around the time when Christianity came to Iceland. Read More
Det. Michael LaTour, recently fired from the Seattle Police Dept., teams up with an attractive museum curator to uncover and thwart an art theft ring. Read More
Ryan O'Connell is a 14 year old boy from Uksarany, a planet made of 40% humans and 60% cyborgs, robotic humans. Ryan is the first male cyborg to be made with human feelings. After a night of crazy rage that leaves his creator dead, he decides to move to Earth,… Read More
Westminister Physiatric Institute houses the world's most mentally disturbed teenagers. Everyone here is dangerous. They have killed, or done something equally as awful. Then there's them. Wrongly accused of heinous crimes, and forced to live a life of seclusion. There's nothing wrong with us, they are simply the victims of… Read More
Please enjoy reading about this beautiful and mysterious land from my personal travels, while learning about the facts, history and culture of Iceland. Read More

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