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Something I came up with on a whim one morning when I woke up after having a very confusing, sci-fi, fantasy dream. Read More
I wrote this entry based on my feelings that day, it was quite ago and I was feeling very emotional and political at the same time. I decided to write a political emotional poem. Hope it inspires a person to think differently. Read More
This explains the duality of my spirit, do I praise my lord and savior, or do I express my emotions through writing, in the end can't I have both? Read More
The belief that elected officials and bureaucrats can legislate our lives out of our control is getting old. It's been awhile since I did a politically based poem. I think this applies no matter what country you live. Read More
Set upon the classic era of 1920's Paris. This disjointed, epic love triangle focuses on Nick Demming, a young American journalist and the unattainable, insatiable nurse he comes to know. Both a surface love story, and a three dimensional treatise on wealth, class systems, and the convenience of compromise. Stark… Read More
Ahh, the mind of an adolescant. Easy to get lost in it. The question I was answering was the fourth prompt choice I could write about for my AP English class. The teacher asked for a completely expository paper. So, naturally, I did the opposite. The question was " 'A… Read More
Basically, a very short story which shows my political idealsim. Sounds boring, but hopefully isn't. A travelling constitutional scholar meets with the leaders of a revolution to try and help them set up a system of government. Read More
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