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Poem / Romance

February 15, 2018

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Book / Humor

February 05, 2018

just a guy who was cheated on and goes to video games to end his "pain" Read More

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This was origunally a piece for my school magazine but i realized i stopped posting. so heres something to start back up with, ill be writing more and try to post at least once a month. thanks!!! Read More
this is what happens when i write out of the top of my head Read More

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I had a dilemma with my Oma.. Where she recently told me to grow up and make her proud.. And thus this poem was created.. Enjoy! And please comment, if you so wish! Read More
A boy knows there is something outside of the mechanical world he lives in now. He searches for answers and gets his best friend to follow with him on a small adventure that will bring them home if they suceed. A short Destery And Anthan story I wrote :3 Enjoy??\\all… Read More
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