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Eating alone is a young man sitting at dinner a lone of course contemplating how his life has turned so far. Read More
A couple in their honeymoon trip to Tahiti gets separated somehow on their way to a cruise. The husband desperately looks for his wife on a boat where terrible things happen... Read More

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February 19, 2010

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15 year old Adrianne Leones life has always been fairly normal except for the odd major disasters that took place around her but when her best friend Kaya Dean is killed everything changes. Adrianne will struggle with love, hate, power and her own identity. but once she finds out the… Read More
Anywho this poem is about the general basics of sexual orientation that isnt really talked about or known especially when the trouble seems to emerge from the younger generation/recent generation or idiots. This poem is what ive seen people do to others, and has once done to myself. I know… Read More
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